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General Music Thread: To Listening What Are You?



  • well hell, Tatsuro Yamashita has gotten kind of a second wind thanks to future funk
  • @2pl Love that track
  • Its fascinating to watch Machine Girl's transformation,

    Their sound has slowly become kinda close to that of Death Grips' more abstract and electronic moments, the new record even has live percussion on a majority of it

  • also I listened to the new Demdike Stare and Puce Mary records recently,

    both are freaking awesome. Demdike Stare's new record, Passion, is some industrial tinged techno with some 2 step and jungle influences. It's heavy, cold, and mechanical, with the only melodies in the mix being either icy and brittle or low and ominous.
    They call it a double pack, which I have no idea what that means. Double EP? Idk. it's about 40 ish minutes, it's an album

    the new Puce Mary record, The Drought, is some good ol' death industrial. This seems to be the more artful version of harsh noise, because you have the intense harshness of noise along with the crushing layered atmosphere of dark ambient.
    I guess that's why it's popping in avant circles right now, what with artists like The Body, Pharmakon and Prurient getting quite a lot of media attention.
    Mary's use of both sides of this genre allows for her music to visit a lot of avenues. It can feel harsh and pummelling like on the track Fragments of a Lily, or intensely sad and depressive like on Red Desert.
    A track can begin as a claustrophobic drones and whispered spoken word enveloping the listener, then mutating to stranger more sour territory to blasts of white noise being set off like fire crackers.
    It's a genuinely thrilling and engrossing listen, and like a lot of noise records it doesn't really test your patience. Sounds are always being brought in and out of the mix, and the tracks are always moving to a climax or just coming away from one.
    In that instance I'd actually kinda call it accessible. Try it!

  • Yeah, dig both of those records @TTK
  • skee mask is dope
  • Yeah Skee Mask is on my big ole’ best of list
  • edited November 2018
    Really cool piece on the Southeast Asian screamo scene. Need to get to listening to these bands
  • this beat ^:)^
  • I need an album that captures the ironic isolation of a job in an open office
  • Hahahahahahahahaha you and me too bb
    edited November 2018
    i feel the new Eli Keszler record approaches something to that effect.

    It's like a memory of anxiety, an openness which also feels claustrophobic.

    it's also a record which has been blowing me away the past week and will definitely be in my top 10 of the year
  • i've read reviews who say it's relaxing or meditative?

    to me it's incredibly nerve wracking and puts me on edge. It's continuously moving and morphing, with these uneasy tones hinting at melodies and chords but ultimately never delivering. Keszler's percussion keeps everything moving and in this state of open and expansive limbo.
    It feels like it's restless and at no point is it ever comfortable. I agree that it's the sound of living in a city, but I feel it's like experiencing a sense of overwhelming anxiety, and the music is almost a memory of that anxiety.
    It's removed, but it's still tense and sounds like someone is tightening screws inside your head.
  • I've been listening almost exclusively to the White Album remaster (and all the bonus cuts), the sampler of the latest Dylan B-Sides bootleg series (Blood on the Tracks, a top 5 album of mine), and the Fleet Foxes collection. So all b-sides and rarities and alt. takes this week for me.

    And I think I'm ready to supplant Abbey Road as the best Beatles album for the White Album. I love how unwieldily this is, and hearing all the alt. takes really opened it up for me.
  • I dunno man “Birthday” is like the worst Beatles song
  • No, glass onion is. But the White Album is still top 3 Beatles
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