General Music Thread: To Listening What Are You?



  • Really digging the vocals on this track

  • nothing new, but very spot on morning mood
  • adore that song
  • @yama i like your post!
  • Thanks @demikat glad you liked it
  • DEMI love your Joni pick. That record is AMAZING like everything else from her stellar 71-76 period.

    SHOOTY love that Kraftwerk track. That record is also AMAZING YAY

    LOVE that Yama and 2PL are still playing those dope tunes! I've not really listened to any of those artists ... Like I know the Police and Bjork, just not really heard any Police records and that Bjork remix is a quite nice fascinating oddity, dunno if I'd return to it though.

    yesterday I was driving back from Dubbo (where Mum is) to Newcastle (currently living, a four hour trip) and I played a few records.
    One that really reignited my love for it ... Odelay.

    That thing is a masterpiece. Every song is killer, and while I've seen some people say it's dated badly, I think it's still an amazing collection of songs with a huge amount of diversity which could only be brought together with Beck's personality and gift of songwriting.
    Like what other artist could put a track like Jack-Ass or Sissyneck on the same record as this?

    GENIUS. All time great album.
  • good evening

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    This album is insanely cool. Listen on some good headphones.

    Seriously, this album gave me the chills a few times, like an ASMR video in musical form.
  • ^ ugh, i'm in love with that song. really hooked me into early heads.
  • ye i think byrne rly nailed the erratic introspection thing on that album
  • oh, i know this song. interesting.
  • I had heard of steely dan before, and I had heard this song and "do it again" before, but I only just put together that this is what steely dan is

    and that steely dan is not one person named dan
  • This album noise? Whatever, it's pretty good:
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    Today, I found this track that I had downloaded to my PC years ago, and I couldn't find it anywhere on the internet, so I uploaded it to youtube. It's by a guitar player who went by the moniker housethegrate. He mostly did video game covers, but this was an entirely original composition. Very inspired by Jason Becker's "Air".

  • when u click because of the thumbnail and its a hit
  • thanks again artzie music
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