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  • A great write-up, Nick! I echo a lot of what you're saying there. 
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    eek, i really think "past life" is a clear weak link (along with "cause i'm a man"); the pitched down vocals are awkward and don't have a redeeming quality for me (they're not clever or intriguing or anything). otherwise i mostly agree with your analysis, except that i kind of fear that, although it will grow initially, it might plateau pretty soon and lose its luster because of the homogeneity of the sonic palette 

    that said, the album is currently (ha) pure ear candy and a joy to listen to overall. another solid, cohesive effort from parker (albeit not the masterpiece that was lonerism)

    oh, and i agree with your p4k prediction--it's definitely not getting higher than lonerism. i could see fantano panning this, though, or at least giving it like a 6 because of its saminess. 

    edit: oh, that wasn't a prediction. i still think they'll give it an 8.7 or 8.8.
  • well I see the pitched down spoken word parts of Past Life more cheesy than awkward, and if I was to criticise something for being cheesy, I'd have to write off the whole record.

    The whole thing is like this dance between cheese and sweetness, where one is crossing the line. Like I feel the melody in Yes I'm Changing to be one of the cheesiest things I've ever heard, but it also fits into the feel and theme of the album.
    In that sense it feels less cheesy and more of a balancing act, because the sound of the album, when you step back, is very weird. But it's also paired with some of the most sickly sweet songs, so there's this dichotomy which makes it weirdly intriguing for me.
  • I just really don't like the band at all. I get their appeal, but they don't excite enough especially in relation to the bands they're influenced by
  • This is a good record. P4k style
    Lonerism 10
    Currents 8.8
    Innerspeaker 8.5
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    hmm well i think it's cheesy but also very awkward and out-of-place. the cheesiness works on most of the record because he's going for that 80s pop sound--and he nails it in his own unique way. i just don't think that specific part works; it's clunky to my ears

    p4k style myself:

    Lonerism: 9.6
    Innerspeaker: 8.8
    Currents: 8.3
  • lonerism 10
    innerspeaker 9.2
    currents 8.7
  • listened to Since I Left You for the first time in a few years, is it just me or does that record get kinda better as it goes along? First 9 tracks are great but once it gets to "Electricity" til the end it's just perfection
  • i slightly prefer the first half, actually. but both halves are basically perfect.
  • I can't get "get low" out of my head for like 12 years now
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  • To the window
  • who's in your avatar, TJ?
  • It looks like In Utero era Dave Grohl from here
  • I'm pretty sure that's a lady
  • nobody ever asks who my avatar is.

    (the answer is "I don't know")
  • I don't know.

    I think he's a rat hunter
  • Sofia Coppola. :-)
  • Your avatar is pretty amazing, Kyle. 
  • Call me tardy to the party but Ive been diving in to the whole emotionally-driven-indie-folk-rock scene lately.

    Mountain Goats' lesser known EPs, any remainging Bright Eyes albums i havent listened to, Keaton Henson, Andrew Jackson Jihad's earlier releases. All really good stuff.

    I especially reccomend Keaton Henson's Dear. The man nails hopeless, pained, defeated without getting too melodramatic or grandiose. They're poetic tracks that tell incredibly personal stories. If youve had your fill of sad and acoustic, it probably wont peak your interest. But I'm sort of on a roll with that genre right now and I really think he's made a pretty exceptional album here. Especially fond of his use of atmosphere as well, it would be a crime not to listen to this album in the correct order.
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    2015 has been a pretty underwhelming year so far for me. After not really being stunned by some "instant classics" (i.e. TPAB / C&L) I took a break from the present, and thought it was best to look towards the past for new music. Shortly after coming to the realization that I was behind on music in 2015 I had decided it was time to get "caught up" by listening to some of the more notable projects of this year.

    Bozo's Listener Journal Adventure Vol. 1:

    Jamie xx - In Colour

    It's really whatever. There are just as many good cuts as bad cuts on here. Just nothing that necessarily cuts deep, y'know?

    Alabama Shakes - Sound & Color

    I was really expecting (hoping) to hate this record. Not sure why. Maybe it was because of how tumblr-friendly it seemed on the surface? However, my expectations were shattered. Pretty much from the first voicing onward, this album proved to be the soulful, heartfelt album I hoped it wasn't. There's a lot of shit going on here beyond the Blues Rock / Southern Rock label that's tacked onto it. Also, there's a track called "Shoegaze" on here. That's pretty sick.

    Tame Impala - Currents

    I wasn't expecting another Lonerism, but idk. This album pales in comparison for many reasons, and just seems patchy to me. Definitely looking forward to what they do next as I do realize that this was a huge risk for Parker & Gang.
    Sorry, Nick

    Elder - Lore

    Is aight, but seems like they're drinking from the same fountain as Mastodon. That comparison just doesn't work well in Elder's favor.

    Refused - Freedom


    Squarepusher - Damogwn Furies

    Pretty cool. I still need to check out the rest of this guy's discography, but for now, this album is pretty cool.

    Vince Staples - Summertime 06'

    Vince is a cool guy rapper. I disagree with Fantano about him not being diverse as a rapper, but that's mainly because I don't need a rapper to have 30 different falsettos to be entertained. The main problem I have with this album is actually the complete opposite. Most of the attention seems to be on Staples highlighting his lane as a rapper rn, and does little to impress me on a sonic / musical level. With that being said, this is mostly made up by how good of a rapper Vince Staples is. He just needs more style in his production.

    ...To Be Continued
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    glad you liked alabama shakes. i think it's one of the best records of the year, and i'm happy i decided to listen despite having the same negative connotations associated with the band
  • @geogaddi same

    Almost forgot...

    Algiers - Algiers

    Overrated af. There, I said it.
  • I wrote off Alabama Shakes way before the new album came out, I'm glad I was proved wrong too
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    Disagree with you on Algiers bojo but definately feeling you with the Jamie XX. I find it pretty meh and can't really understand the crazy love it's getting. What do you think of the new Thundercat?
  • I think the new Thundercat would've been an awesome first half of a full-length but I'm kinda mad how abruptly it ends
  • he managed to build so much momentum and thematic continuity and then it's over before it goes anywhere
  • Late to the party but here are my P4Kified Tame Impala scores.

    Innerspeaker: 8.0
    Lonerism: 8.5
    Currents: 6.8
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    My favorite albums this year are all considered pretty mediocre by most, aside from black messiah and tpabf

    Daisyhead - The Smallest Light

    Half heavy 90s alt rock, half 90s emo (sdre, braid) sound. Not super original, but i really like it

    Turnover - Peripheral Vision

    People rip on this album for being another mediocre newgaze album but I think its the best "punk band goes gaze" album ive heard recently, simply because they kept a lot of their original sound and wrote some of the best vocal melodies out of any of their work. Probably biased, but im obsessed with it.

    Four Year Strong - Self Titled

    One of the only original and unique pop punk album to come out in the last 5 years. Produced by the guitarist of Converge, its heavy as fuck, its catchy, the instrumentation is fantastic all around.

    Sorority Noise - Joy, Departed

    Sounds like weezer mixed with TDAGARIM-era Brand New. Some boring emo tracks, but great lyrics all around.

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    You just gave me 4 albums I want to check out
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