General Music Thread: To Listening What Are You?



  • all four are available on Apple music. Nice.
  • Theyre all worth giving a listen if you're into the genres. Lemme know what you think!
  • Those descriptions more or less describe my taste.

  • expect the new Thundercat to be on my next Listener's Journal (either tomorrow or the day after).
  • don't be apologisin', Boz.

    As we know, I'm a bit of a stan for Parker and his clan.
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    Wish I were digging this Tame Impala album more. I can't get enough of "Disciples" and "Love/Paranoia" tho
  • did anyone listen to the new Ceremony? I heard almost exclusively bad things about it so I avoided it, I might spin it later if I want to get mad at something
  • They're one of those bands I indignantly ignore due to assumed hated. I had the same thing with Cloud Nothings for awhile before they became one of my favorite bands.
  • ...Ceremony? largely confused rn
  • nah I wasn't talking about Ceremony, who's first 3 records are rad.
  • @liam vibing on this Sorority Noise album a lot. I actually hear more SDRE than Weezer or Brand New in their sound.
  • I mean this is definitely flawed and could some more energy sometimes but I like these guys. There's moxy here.
  • "Art School Wannabe" is some serious Blue Album worship, it's pretty cool though.
  • I like how this album addresses topics like depression and addiction. It adds a lot of emotionally heft to what they're doing.
  • @liamb re:FYS I have to check out anything produced by Kurt Ballou
  • @Robby is that Harm's Way album worth checking out?
  • it's alright
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    @existence dude you gotta, the production on the drums and guitar are some of the best I've heard from Four Year Strong. Ballou did an unreal job

    @Kyle I'm actually a huge sorority noise fan, got their whole discography on vinyl, including some rare /50 presses. If you've ever heard Old Gray, it's the same frontman. His lyrics tend to be incredibly honest and personal. He's dealt a lot with depression and Joy, Departed is a pretty inspiring album overall as its' more themed around him overcoming those struggles. Now, if you want a real fuckin emotional album, their debut album, Forgettable, hits HARD. Easily one of my all time favorites. 

    I find the Brand New influence pops up at times in the album, but isn't consistent throughout. The most weezer-esque song was Using imo, one of my favorites on the album. Also, the guest vocalists on Art School Wannabe and Corrigan (which has some jammin riffs) are both from Modern Baseball, a pretty decent emo revival band. If you can tolerate nasally voices, they're definitely not bad
  • Currently listening to Long Term 2 an old tape by Ab-Soul which is great btw patiently waiting for that Jay Rock album

    Been enjoying that new Czarface too
  • this is fucking insane and terrible and... album of the year
  • @liamb I don't really vibe with Modern Baseball largely due to the vocals I think. Was super into their second album last year for about two weeks before it began to grate on me. Re: emo revival, I only really listen to TWIABP, Foxing, Snowing and The Hotelier but I'll always check out an album associated with it so I'm going to get to Sorority Noise at some point
  • New Destroyer is wonderful, can't wait to listen to new Beach House next.
  • new beach house is a really nice blend of the devotion and teen dream eras. i think my first listen was impacted, though, because i just went to a beatles cover band (which was FUCKING GREAT, by the way) and my ears have been ringing. can't wait to listen with fresh ears.
  • @Kyle It's things like this that make me wanna head up a TND segment devoted to bandcamp fuckery
  • hey Kyle what was that terrible grindcore record you linked once? I think they were called Soaked in Semen or something
  • oh shit I don't remember... I'll try to find it on the old forum archive later
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    Vince Staples - pretty rad. I love the diversity of production. I don't know if I LOVE it yet, but it's pretty enjoyable. 

    I know I like it more than the Young Thug or the Fashawn records from earlier this year, though those were fine/ok. Actually, my favorite song with Young Thug wasn't even on his record--it was on Jamie xx's. 

  • When I heard it was a double album I thought it was going to be like 3 hours long because that's what hip hop double albums usually are.

    it's not even an hour long thankfully. This makes me much more likely to check it out.
  • I was like a strong 7 after my first listen. Will return. 
  • @Dallas you should really check out the rapup, year has been fantastic... New Alchemist and Quelle Chris coming out tomorrow too. Quell Chris is the single most under appreciated rap artist working today.
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