General Music Thread: To Listening What Are You?



  • I'll check it out. Thanks for the rec!
  • yo des can you link the rapup again?
  • @Dom yeah I feel the same way about modern baseball. I think theyve got some great stuff but I dont find myself going back to them as much anymore. Sorority Noise and The Hotelier are definitely my two favorite bands of the emo revival. I'm on and off with TWIABP, though. Whenever, if ever is a brilliant album and between bodies is okay but im not into the rest of their stuff.

    Also Somos is pretty chill. Similar to sorority noise but with more reverb and less distortion
  • I started new Destroyer and holy cow "Forces From Above" is breathtaking
  • The whole thing is amazing. It's on par with Kaputt I think, and it maybe the best thing he's ever done.
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    yeah, it's such a sonically varied record, and Dan's presence as a singer is even more pronounced

    i don't think i've heard another Destroyer record that felt this live
  • The new Quelle is pretty damn solid.

  • mah bruh Gordon Voidwell getting some love at the Afropunk fest,
    Glad to see this dude getting on the fest circuit at least, hopefully he'll get some more exposure.
  • Me listening Lick My Decals Off, Baby by Captain Beefheart
  • Vinyl Me Please sent out a Reggae album this month--The Upsetters' Super Ape. 

    It's pretty awesome, which surprised me. 
  • can anyone drop that album actually? I always meant to listen to it actually
  • The Upsetters? I would, but they didn't send a download code--so I don't have mp3s of it. 

    I scrobbled it from spotify as I listened to it on the record.
  • wait it's probably on apple music or something nvm
  • @Dallas Super Ape is great :)

    A friend introduced me to dub a few weeks ago and told me to listen to that and King Tubby's Dub from the Roots. Loved them both
  • Wow, all of these recent leaks have been really good. This Chelsea Wolfe is hands down her best album imo and Destroyer may have released his best record as well. New Beach House is really good and I've been enjoying the new Tame Impala, even though it's a different beast entirely from Lonerism and Innerspeaker.
  • I need that Chelsea Wolfe fuck everything else...I have Super Ape, but you have to be okay with the V0 equivalent of AAC.
  • I got it, thanks!
  • Start with Teen Dream and then pretty much any of the others after that, the new one is good too.
  • wow Depression Cherry is unconscionably boring
  • yeah teen dream is still their best work, i think. but some people definitely prefer the worn-out wooziness of devotion. 

    and depression cherry has been growing on me. "space song" is really fucking good, and the opener and closer are quite strong as well
  • @Robby I thought Beach House fans love boring music?
  • (sorry, couldn't resist. I don't really have opinions on Beach House other than the fact that they're definitely not Shoeycore)
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    i feel like die-hard fans of punk and metal can't really take beach house seriously, for some reason. i think their songwriting chops are generally fantastic: myth, wild, zebra, walk in the park, take care, 10 mile stereo, and gila are particularly fantastic examples. they've got a strong hold of their sound and have evolved subtly and effectively throughout their existence. i mean, their self-titled is pretty much miles away from bloom. they've grown and developed, all the while releasing fantastic songs. but because they're dream pop and are very much interested in evoking the kind of emotional headspace often associated with sentimentality and tenderness--"weak" emotions--they're dismissed by *hardcore* music fans a lot of the time. a shame, IMO
  • am I meant to be getting the vibe of you implying something, there?
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    yes, robby's post reminded me of a trend i've been noticing--not that he's included in it; i have no idea whether he likes any of beach house's other stuff
  • @geogadd1 Nah, man. I love the tenderness of Beach House's music and I was brought up on Hardcore Punk / Metal.
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    accidental double post
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    sorry, i don't mean to say that huge fans of punk and metal categorically dislike beach house--i mean to say of those i've met who really dislike them, they are often such fans. 

    and i bet you'd find a similar unfairness the other way around--with huge fans of softer music unjustifiably sneering at some heavier stuff.
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