General Music Thread: To Listening What Are You?



  • I love pretty much every Beach House record and I also love heavy music, it just depends I guess
  • @geogadd1 Well, there's always going to be people w/ pet genres but they're not hurting anybody but themselves by not checking out other stuff. So it's not that big of a deal imo.
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    people on this forum have really open-minded tastes, so i didn't mean to take a shot at anyone here. and hey, i could be totally wrong--anecdotal evidence, after all

    @bozo: i was more focusing on those who might actively shit on beach house/other music, in which case, yeah, i guess they're not hurting anyone really, but it can get under your skin
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    Teen Dream was my AOTY for a second, so yeah I'm generally a Beach House fan

    this one just feels like wallpaper for me, it feels like what people that never liked Beach House thought of them. love Sparks tho
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    fwiw I definitely know other fans of heavy music that dig em ;)
  • i'm glad to hear it!
  • re: wallpaper - did you like devotion?
  • I haven't listened to it in a long time but I remember generally liking it but not as much as Teen Dream

  • walkinonit
  • Any body willing to assplant some of Destroyer's older stuff? Specifically Your Blues, Trouble In Dreams, This Night, and Theif
  • New Beach House is boring, relistened to Czarface and I feel the exact same way about it. Deck lost all of his charisma with age and the production is definitely on some boom bap revivalist shit only with random guitar riffs layered over it.
  • I love Devotion and Teen Dream though
  • @HiRes  What is Sparks, Levitation, Space Song, PPP, Days of Candy. I guess Im a bit of a stan though.
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    ^ agreed on those highlights (also am a bit of a stan)
  • I'm nowhere near a stan, Beach House records usually bore me and I get around to liking (and never loving) their output, but Depression Cherry is fantastic.
  • i loved that happy birthday record from 2010, but never checked out King Tuff.

    Godddamn I'm an idiot, it's pretty much the exact same sound.
  • I think I saw that band once, sweaty tighty whities garage rock
  • its a lot of fun tho.

    and the Happy Birthday thing had a lot of real good songs, with some pretty neat experiments

  • fuck, i decided to put on carrie & lowell for the first time in a few months, and it still hits like a fucking freight train. what a magnificent, devastating record. 
  • only thing I do not like on Currents at all is the pitch shifted vocals on "Past Life" (a sound I rarely like)

    that being said this record is pretty fantastic. i earnestly kinda expected/hoped Tame Impala would go in a more synth/beat driven direction. don't get the people complaining that it's not Lonerism 2
  • I'm feeling the new Bully more than I anticipated.
  • Two months late, but I finally got around to listening to Jamie XX
  • I listened to the first 15 seconds and immediately decided I hate it and then deleted it from my phone
  • What made you hate it?
  • it's not from the 90's and doesn't have Rivers Cuomo playing guitar.
  • I didn't like it much either but it's probably because i only listen to metal and don't have the intelligence to process reglar smart pplz music deuhhhhhhhhhhhh deuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
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    gave Four Tet's Morning / Evening a few listens last night,

    It's pretty breathtakingly beautiful. Both tracks feel cohesive, and both tracks justify their length.

    I was thoroughly impressed by how he brought the worlds of ambient and house together in this new and interesting way. In a way he's treading over territory mined by like Pantha Du Prince and Luomo,
    but with these two tracks being one album, there seems to be a stronger conceptual focus on the structure of the tracks. The 20 minute first track being repetitious with its sample (despite having some really well structured pauses and interludes, coming just at the right time), and the second track opening with wooshing ambience and textures. It's quite beautiful how it begins, and then the second half of Evening being these great percussion rhythms.

    The two tracks have enough meat on them that I can digest their changes and subtleties for a while, they're both incredibly detailed and have enormous replay value for me.

    I feel it's all up a really good release, and gives me more than enough to chew on before Four Tet decides to release something again.
    This record is much less of a conventional release, more of a meditation, but I feel he's edging closer to someone like Brian Eno or Steve Reich in how he's composed these tracks, particularly Morning.
    The more I listen I feel they're less like DJ mixes, these tracks are composed very well, they're just intended to be meditative and offer solace of some kind.
    This is Four Tet's version of an ambient album.
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    I admittedly didn't really care for it, unfortunately. I'll probably listen to it again tho, i feel like Kieran is going in a direction with his last few projects that for some reason is harder for me to jive with compared to his 2000s-2010 work
  • I enjoy that he's releasing these experiments in electronic and club music,

    it's like, he's built his audience, and now he's allowing himself to pull off these ideas which may not seem so conventionally appealing to record labels because he has the funds and his own label to do so.
    Since he makes most of his money from DJing now, he can afford to experiment.

    Like Beautiful Rewind was an experiment in the darker side of club music, with a lot of tracks being rather short for house tracks (only 2 breaking the 5 minute mark), and this is completely the antithesis of that, he's allowing the tracks to breathe, live and slowly crumble away. It's like we're seeing a person being born, live their live and die before our eyes. It's beautiful, and tragic at the same time.
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