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General Music Thread: To Listening What Are You?



  • I enjoy that he's releasing these experiments in electronic and club music,

    it's like, he's built his audience, and now he's allowing himself to pull off these ideas which may not seem so conventionally appealing to record labels because he has the funds and his own label to do so.
    Since he makes most of his money from DJing now, he can afford to experiment.

    Like Beautiful Rewind was an experiment in the darker side of club music, with a lot of tracks being rather short for house tracks (only 2 breaking the 5 minute mark), and this is completely the antithesis of that, he's allowing the tracks to breathe, live and slowly crumble away. It's like we're seeing a person being born, live their live and die before our eyes. It's beautiful, and tragic at the same time.
  • It's really as simple as it's not really a style of music I enjoy.
  • i thought morning/evening was decent. i'll probably give it another listen, but i didn't feel like the tracks were quite varied enough to justify those lengths. i do see what you mean about its being a peaceful/meditative release, which is cool, but i know better albums with a similar feel
  • I feel like there just wasn't a whole lot of meat to it. The last section of Evening is fantastic but I don't think the preceding stuff was all that invigorating
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    Some of the albums I initially dismissed right off eventually became some of my favorite albums
  • Right now I'm listening to 
    L'Orange & Jeremiah Jae - The Night Took Us in Like Family
    Mick Jenkins - Water[s]
  • I'm open to warming up to it, and earnestly @ttk your full thoughts really make me want to revisit it
  • I'm listening to my favorite mainstream rock album. photo C2F42CEE-276A-4844-B957-7F187F35EBD1.png
  • Robby how did you listen to it?

    I listened with headphones, in complete darkness and breeze coming through my window.

    It's winter here, but I feel it could be enjoyed even better in the summer.
  • i listened late at night with headphones (and it's summer here). so perfect conditions. i still want to try again, though
  • I know how the hemispheres work, Geo, I've been chatting with Americans my entire life. :p
  • I listened with headphones, in my room and concentrating on it pretty attentively
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    i'm in ur hemisphere brah
  • ew dude, personal space
  • don't worry i'll be back in the states soon enough. i hope i don't leave too much of a smell
  • @hedgeway huge fan of Yowler can't wait to check out All Dogs.
  • @Kyle speaking of mainstream rock, I checked out that Alabama Shakes record you guys were talking about and I'm digging it, really didn't expect to
  • @Ocaml

    Beautiful track. 
  • @Des I've never listened to Yowler but after a quick peek at the bandcamp page it's a lot different than All Dogs. One of the same members?
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    kyle was making fun of apple music's genre tag, i think

    but yeah, sound & color is dope
  • Yeah I know, I've listened to PS I Love You and it's definitely not what I would call Mainstream Rock. And yeah, Sound and Color is good. Does other Alabama Shakes records sound like it?
  • i think they only have one other one (boys and girls). i've heard it's good but not as cool as this one (descriptive, i know)
  • it was really a pleasant surprise, I kinda wrote them off when they first came out (which was somewhat reactionary of me considering CoS and Sami Jarroush were pushing them but their singles generally didn't excite me)
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    I listened to the first few songs off Four Year Strong...this is just a bunch of 2000s emo/pop punk cliches that I have no interest in nowadays. Cool that Kurt Ballou got paid but he's clearly catering to this bands sterile production choices and guitar/drum sounds. Sorry to the homie that rec'd this earlier, not for me at all.
  • I wasn't really feeling it either. I've always been more of a fan of the 90s emo cliches.
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    I'd rather cut out the middleman altogether and listen to Brand New
  • Wooo meatwad iv been bumpin the waters for like 2 months str8
  • Yeah lead singer of All Dogs is Yowler
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