General Music Thread: To Listening What Are You?



  • It's really as simple as it's not really a style of music I enjoy.
  • i thought morning/evening was decent. i'll probably give it another listen, but i didn't feel like the tracks were quite varied enough to justify those lengths. i do see what you mean about its being a peaceful/meditative release, which is cool, but i know better albums with a similar feel
  • I feel like there just wasn't a whole lot of meat to it. The last section of Evening is fantastic but I don't think the preceding stuff was all that invigorating
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    Some of the albums I initially dismissed right off eventually became some of my favorite albums
  • Right now I'm listening to 
    L'Orange & Jeremiah Jae - The Night Took Us in Like Family
    Mick Jenkins - Water[s]
  • I'm open to warming up to it, and earnestly @ttk your full thoughts really make me want to revisit it
  • I'm listening to my favorite mainstream rock album. photo C2F42CEE-276A-4844-B957-7F187F35EBD1.png
  • Robby how did you listen to it?

    I listened with headphones, in complete darkness and breeze coming through my window.

    It's winter here, but I feel it could be enjoyed even better in the summer.
  • i listened late at night with headphones (and it's summer here). so perfect conditions. i still want to try again, though
  • I know how the hemispheres work, Geo, I've been chatting with Americans my entire life. :p
  • I listened with headphones, in my room and concentrating on it pretty attentively
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    i'm in ur hemisphere brah
  • ew dude, personal space
  • don't worry i'll be back in the states soon enough. i hope i don't leave too much of a smell
  • @hedgeway huge fan of Yowler can't wait to check out All Dogs.
  • @Kyle speaking of mainstream rock, I checked out that Alabama Shakes record you guys were talking about and I'm digging it, really didn't expect to
  • @Ocaml

    Beautiful track. 
  • @Des I've never listened to Yowler but after a quick peek at the bandcamp page it's a lot different than All Dogs. One of the same members?
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    kyle was making fun of apple music's genre tag, i think

    but yeah, sound & color is dope
  • Yeah I know, I've listened to PS I Love You and it's definitely not what I would call Mainstream Rock. And yeah, Sound and Color is good. Does other Alabama Shakes records sound like it?
  • i think they only have one other one (boys and girls). i've heard it's good but not as cool as this one (descriptive, i know)
  • it was really a pleasant surprise, I kinda wrote them off when they first came out (which was somewhat reactionary of me considering CoS and Sami Jarroush were pushing them but their singles generally didn't excite me)
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    I listened to the first few songs off Four Year Strong...this is just a bunch of 2000s emo/pop punk cliches that I have no interest in nowadays. Cool that Kurt Ballou got paid but he's clearly catering to this bands sterile production choices and guitar/drum sounds. Sorry to the homie that rec'd this earlier, not for me at all.
  • I wasn't really feeling it either. I've always been more of a fan of the 90s emo cliches.
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    I'd rather cut out the middleman altogether and listen to Brand New
  • Wooo meatwad iv been bumpin the waters for like 2 months str8
  • Yeah lead singer of All Dogs is Yowler
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