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  • Anime and Wrestling <3

  • How to describe my love of Gals. Gals from Shibuya were my fuckin fascination. but being removed from the culture, i got details in pieces, so I didn't understand what it meant to be a Gal. (This high fashion, deep tans anime made me think platform sneakers were super cool! rather than the ankle twisters they turned out to be) And Gals in Shibuya are no longer Gals - Galko is the modern term?

    2 reasons i bring it up.

    I recently stumbled back over "Super Gals!" the anime that introduced me to a more solid understanding of Gals and
    this Novemebr, I get to hang out in Shibuya, Japan. Me! in Japan. Yay!

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    I like and have loved anime like Super Gals! because it is reflective of an actual culture - tho certainly exaggerated at times. From super Gals - i learned about Valentine's Day and White Day - also - I learned what it meant to buy chocolate for someone vs what it means to make chocolate for someone i.e. the various degrees of affection implied in both toward the recipient of that chocolate.

    And it was amazing for me to learn that an entire culture recognizes these values. great pieces of information - that made understanding and picking up references in other anime accessible and deeper.

    For all of its humor and exaggeration, Super Gals had character depth I hadn't expected from the style and cultural relevance I couldn't find as an outsider without guidence. And, in that sense, it was another life changing find in the humid, stylishly deprived SoJo.
  • because being on stage is awesome!!!!
  • I love cultural History!!!
    BubbleGum Crisis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • @vestenet

    come here and play!
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    watched MInd Game recently..... what a trippy ass movie lol. its pretty much the narrative of fate and the ability to escape ones own doom through absolute resolve with scenes that display the joy of the human spirit when left in complete impossibilities. theres also themes of society versus freedom. it's like masaaki yuasa in his own ambiguity wants to show us how completely vain and useless it is to try to conquer ones own destiny while also pointing out the fact that settling for conventional means is in fact worse.

    it's also just a trippy mess in the best way possible like dancing inside of a whale with bamboo sticks attached to your crotch while franz liszt plays in the background. im not even making this shit up fam:

  • i'm starting to think yuasa is the best modern anime director atm.
  • I loved "Space Dandy" a whole fucking lot!
    he directed the 16th episode of season 2 "Slow and Steady Wins the Race, Baby"

    it's good, but I've only seen him do episodes of other people's creations. I haven't seen all of "Mind Games" i think - i know the clip you showed, but i don't remember it in it's completion.
  • have you seen his segment "happy machine" in Genius Party. i'm just watching that. it's very crazy and imaginative.

    i didn't know his work by name til name. Thanks.
    I was just watching anime abandon the other day and Sage had an older segment about what is anime and what isn't anime. cuz that's a hot button topic.

    im not wholey satisfied that this isn't anime...but it's definitely walking the line. it is different.
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    yeah "happy machine" is pretty nice. as far determining whether his work is anime or not seems like an inconsequential topic....generally because he doesn't rely on cliches in his work yet hes worked on more traditional stuff that does seem like anime. most of his own creations are self contained which is refreshing to be honest. granted he's mostly known for tatami galaxy which is most definitely closer to whats considered anime.

    I generally like yuasa cause theres usually a display of ambiguous topics like the human condition and the search for inner courage which you see a lot in Ping Pong. it seems that his philosophical commentary is pretty heavy handed lol.
  • why is it an inconsequential topic?
  • mostly cause defining anime never really leads to anything positive imo. all the stereotypes that come with anime are mostly what keeps it confined in its own niche and depraves people from approaching it in any other way. specifically when talking about yuasa in a thread about anime it loses me (again just my own opinion) since hes made anime but he also mostly just does whatever he needs to do to produce his image.
  • alright, my dude - i guess i'm just sayin -
    postin him in a categorical box -while definin him ouside that box - but sayin that very conversation was not significant
    is what i'm taking away, here.

    remains a light and valid convo to me
    so, I agree to disagree. B-)
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    dawg that was all in form of flattery...putting my mans inside the box and at the same time pointing out that he doesn't belong in a box and that the box is insignificant without anything in it is giving homie props.
  • started watching fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood and immediately binged nine episodes. i am hooked!!
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    you're starting with "brotherhood" and not the FMA 2003?

    which might be the better direction. "brotherhood" follows the manga's direction closer. Brotherhood is pretty great! but I watched FMA 2003 first - and since there's overlap, when I watched Brotherhood, it felt slow.

    still - amazing variations and story!
  • yep, my friend told me brotherhood was the place to start, since '03 takes liberties with the source material. seems i should get the base first. but i plan to watch both!
  • But to be clear:
    It's a totally valid experience watching FMA 2003 first, cuz it was made first.

    It's an absolute gateway anime. Its one of The gateway anime for an entire n00b generation of the double oughts. its fuckin brillant and touching, from art to story and soundtrack. It's an "all times"; One of The

    But now you gotta get through 52 episodes to get there!! (^0*)
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    And you dont get to hear the amazing l'arc en ciel openings!

    It was a great moment in anime fandom!
    [Personal outburst]

    Im very excited your getting into FMA. Brotherhood is very awesome. The prospects for you are brilliant B-)
  • i never got into fma but i can see its appeal its a very emotional tale about alchemy and the soul n stuff
  • i think alphonse was too depressing of a existence for me to cope with
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    totally. Brotherhood takes the concept deeper. I think the existential questions of Alphonse's circumstance are posed well in FMA 2003, but treaded upon in a, perhaps the right word is, "shifted" focus. not so "lighter" of a concept-just not so involved as Brotherhood. but well done and rightly so for the story variations they created.

    Brotherhood asked some other questions that made me think "oh, yea...that's another interesting take."

    but, yea. all are stressful
  • god i am loving this. highly addicted, already like 25 episodes in.
  • i don't think i've ever watched brotherhood just the 2003, maybe i'll give brotherhood a chance soon.

    everyone is so obsessed about the devilman crybaby ending and the paradise lost similarities but i honestly just liked the arbitrary freestyle rap interludes lol.

    the manga was really good at capturing the character of satan but thats just what happens with manga.
  • it's late, but holy crap I just watched something amazing!! AND ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION is a part of the sountrack!!!! a new song!! they sound more mature than 10 years ago, for sure.

    "Night is Short, Walk on Girl" Yoru wa Mijikashi Aruke yo Otome

    it's bright and funny.

    <3 <3
  • this is definitely a very AKFG inspired cover art, too. very on par
  • the art style is really great in that movie. theres just so many great looking scenes,
  • Yea - if i can watch it again, I definitely am. it was pretty great.
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