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Official Anime/Manga Thread



  • Elfen Lied. Pretty good anime. Kinda falls apart in some places.
  • "Ya Good morning!"

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    Shout outs to Korean amalgamations too. Way deep in my heart! 파이팅!

    although, culturally (from personal experience) the embrace of american black culture isn't nearly as acceptable in Korean culture as much as it seems to be present in Japanese culture.
  • i like soul eater
  • OH MY GOD! if you want a tight, FUCKING TIGHT! anime that's adventure, sword play, fantasy, magic and MOAR!!!

    Scrapped Princess! Fucking YES! Bones!!!!!

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    I heard somewhere recently that all nerds eventually have to decide between anime, comic books, and wrestling.

    I'm happy with my choice, but I enjoy seeing people excited about stuff so I still open this thread from time to time. Happy people make me happy.
  • I think it's specifically those 3 groups of things because they're all such giant commitments. If you really want to experience everything they have to offer you'll have to sacrifice elsewhere... probably sleep
  • @Demi that all said I think we both have the anime and wrestling threads to ourselves. Nobody can take them from us.
  • i like anime and comics. mostly comics tho i guess.
    the character designs and fight scenes are all awesome in soul eater. i guess i like it visually before anything else but i also grew attached to a lot of the characters. i dont think it had too much fanservice except for that cat lady
  • @kyle, you're good company, Kyle. I'd gladly share my nerd-dom with you!
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    it's true. the 1986 fucking CLASSIC and ONLY Transformer movie that exists isn't conventionally considered anime. But there is no mistaking its roots. So i will always claim it for the genre!!!!

    Nothing's gonna stand in our way!!!!
  • I loved Transformers: The Movie so much when I was a kid. I had it on VHS and probably watched it 100 times.
  • This video essay reflects the deep meditative thought consistent within Ghost in the Shell; visually beautiful and haunting; impacting. The live action can't touch this. Any attempt to recreate this emotion and reflection of identity: without being genuine, independent and originally beautiful, would be farcical and self-destructive.

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    live action kenji kawai

  • what else do you watch @Voles? checked out something amazing?
  • I'm a couple episodes into Wolf's Rain rn
  • Oahh - is Wolf's Rain your style?
  • That intro song tho
  • Steve Conte and Yoko Kanno are a great team!

    and again: Yoko fucking Kanno!!!!

  • Some more Yoko Kanno and Steve Conte Colab. This is more my fav of the colabs.

  • But this Grimlock (of a colab) is King!

  • Here's a list of Anime Movies! "Escaflowne: A Girl in Geae" If you haven't watched the anime series first then watching the movie is going to be "pretty cool to amazing". If you've watched the anime series first, the movie will be this fantastically drawn imitation that cuts up the relationships you grew to love and make you feel disappointed. But not disappointed to throw the movie away or even misplace it in the collection. But you'll probably just watch it once, then binge the anime series to make up for it.

    (it's number 85 on the list. and personal tastes - i still would have put it higher than Origins: Spirits of the Past at 65. But i didn't make this list. to each their own.)
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    SailorWave. is this fucking great!

  • Good mix

  • If you're looking to watch a really good space anime "Outlaw Star" is a great space adventure.

  • Future Funk is great.

    The anime connection seems to be only an aesthetic connection though.
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    Spoliers. this video is pretty much the last parts of the last episode of Full Moon o Sagashite! quintessential anime song, however.

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    These are still my favorite OP's

    Round table stuff is also really catchy:

    I wish I got the appeal for NHK but I simply can't get into that show for the life of me.
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