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  • This video essay reflects the deep meditative thought consistent within Ghost in the Shell; visually beautiful and haunting; impacting. The live action can't touch this. Any attempt to recreate this emotion and reflection of identity: without being genuine, independent and originally beautiful, would be farcical and self-destructive.

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    live action kenji kawai

  • what else do you watch @Voles? checked out something amazing?
  • I'm a couple episodes into Wolf's Rain rn
  • Oahh - is Wolf's Rain your style?
  • That intro song tho
  • Steve Conte and Yoko Kanno are a great team!

    and again: Yoko fucking Kanno!!!!

  • Some more Yoko Kanno and Steve Conte Colab. This is more my fav of the colabs.

  • But this Grimlock (of a colab) is King!

  • Here's a list of Anime Movies! "Escaflowne: A Girl in Geae" If you haven't watched the anime series first then watching the movie is going to be "pretty cool to amazing". If you've watched the anime series first, the movie will be this fantastically drawn imitation that cuts up the relationships you grew to love and make you feel disappointed. But not disappointed to throw the movie away or even misplace it in the collection. But you'll probably just watch it once, then binge the anime series to make up for it.

    (it's number 85 on the list. and personal tastes - i still would have put it higher than Origins: Spirits of the Past at 65. But i didn't make this list. to each their own.)
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    SailorWave. is this fucking great!

  • Good mix

  • If you're looking to watch a really good space anime "Outlaw Star" is a great space adventure.

  • Future Funk is great.

    The anime connection seems to be only an aesthetic connection though.
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    Full Moon O Sagashite! It's a great story. (lots of fillers) But mad sweet.
    protagonist is a great little girl with a great voice who wants to be a singer when she's older. Like her dead parents. (and, she wants her voice to reach a friend who was adopted years ago and sent to America) But she's got throat cancer* (womp womp) and she's too young to even audition. She still dreams of singing in the future BUT a couple of shinigami, anyone would love to date, come down and spill the beans that she'll be dead in a year. (oh no!) They didn't mean to tell her (for some reason she can see them) Takuto (super handsome -totally want to bone - shinigami) feels terrible and lets her have some of his blood, which transforms* her into a 16 year old (blonde hair added for disguise). Turns out - Mitsuki (how cute is this name!) is fucking amazing!

    But she's still gonna die in a year. it's 52 episodes long. so when it aired it was an episode a week. So the audience lived out the last year of Mitsuki's life with her! Also Meroko (how cute is this fucking name!!!!) another shinigami (in love with Takuto and another character anyone would love to date and bone adds to the show!)

    the music!!!!!!!!!! i felt so much watching this. sing along!

  • Oh yea! oh fuckin yea!

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    Spoliers. this video is pretty much the last parts of the last episode of Full Moon o Sagashite! quintessential anime song, however.

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    These are still my favorite OP's

    Round table stuff is also really catchy:

    I wish I got the appeal for NHK but I simply can't get into that show for the life of me.
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    Kare Kano! that was a pretty decent anime. interesting how they finished it. the manga goes way serious .

    a few videos up i posted a tribute to Satashi Kon. It had clips of "Paranoia Agent" tho it never said the name of the anime directly. still, one the best fucking anime series created.

    i had a lot of favorite episodes, including the three ghost. So expensive to get the box set.

    I was into Chobits for a while too. Everything about it. too fucking sexy for it's own good.
  • i was probably too into Chobits. it has a cemented presence in my fan fiction.
  • AHHH fucking Chobits!!! "Dakishimetai no ni" so fucking cute!!! and the colors! i could possibly be going into seizures every time i watch this anime, but the feeling is so fucking good i don't mind.
  • glad to see you back Colony
  • Ha! who doesn't know this dance!!!!!

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    nope video removed.
  • Even in prisons!

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    Everybody knows the dance. "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" LIFE changing anime!

    Guy in the blue, I want to meet you. Guy in the blue. I want to meet you!
  • Short Opening! dance
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    Do you want boobies?!
    do you want senseless boobie action with crotch shot galore!!!

    ***Grotesque perversion***

    this is my favorite of the day anime review.
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    Also, and this is a cool fucking Easter egg on this guys videos! His Opening is very special!

    if you were watching anime in the 90, you got to have promos added at the beginning your VHS tape. The most recognizable promo on most of my VHS was the Manga Entertainment Advertisement to the song "Ultra"

    here is the original. I have TONS of respect for this guys taste. He knows who he's talking to. ME

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