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  • Rather, tho. Here's some female fascination with class and style.

    Kocchi wo muite yo Honey!

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    Oops!!! very adult!!! not safe - total boobs with nips on the transformation in this one. Not for the faint of affection.*****

    Same tune - different styles over the years
  • Original!

  • Get it , Girl!!!

  • The Pillows <3

    What a time for Gainax!!
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    I was hunting through library stacks and TADA!!!!

    Infinite Ryvius!!!!!! Shit!! this is one of the most amazing, under supported animes I've ever watched and my library had ALL 6 Volumes. I TOOK IT ALL. It's finally the weekend, I plan to binge every episode - until my clothes get smelly. ^o^ Fuck Yea!

    no talking. no lights but the tv. it's time for a ritual.

    never watch the English version. Would have posted the opening or closing songs per usual but to be honest - it's the only shitty part of this anime.

  • FUck it!!! This song is catchy!!

  • Speaking of Harsh and Oppressive!

    "Now and Then, Here and There" will fuck your shit up!!!!!!!!

    don't give a second thought to the pan flute opening. This is an intense anime.
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    Fuck yea!!! FLCL is coming back!!!

    Toonami better make it great!
  • IT WON'T LAST WITHOUT THE PILLOWS!!!!!! life can never last without The Pillows

  • Last Dinosaur!!!! Adventure all around!!!

  • Let's get drunk together and listen to the Pillows!! I'm already ahead of you!

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    And you gentlemen just don't know the amazing AMAZING thoughts that come after watching Eureka Seven and dropping acid. 50 episodes of an great story telling wrapped well with inspiring music. I always go back to Denki Groove's "Niji".

    life and society should be built around this anime.
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    How could i have let this slip my memory for so long.

    Interstella 5555 The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem! Daft Punk worked with Kazuhisa Takenouchi.

    Daft Punks "Discovery" album. And if you haven't watched this anime in its completion, then you just don't know, Jon Snow.

  • I started watching Samurai Flamenco last week, so far I'm pretty into it
  • let me know whatt you think of it. it's been on my list - and I've seen it on a few rando lists of things to watch.
  • Interstella 5555 might be the only anime thing I've watched in full.
  • ^o^ !!!!
  • Yoko Kanno <3 i love her husky voice. husky ...i think this is what "husky" would sound like.

  • Jumping back in with Anime Abandon. Bennett can really communicate his thoughts on anime. I'm too ...'me no speak good' when communicating my thoughts cause i'm always geeking the fuck out about what i like. anyway. Gainex and FLCL!!

  • I couldn't get through 'Golden Boy'. it wasn't bad tho. i was young - totally embarrassed just to watch it - cause the main character is the 'Golden Boy' BECAUSE he succeeds in having sex with tons of women all over Japan. So the humor was overshadowed - but Anime Abandon is just hilarious with it.

    and now I'm older and i watch this shit all the time. So i'll probably give Golden Boy another look. I doubt it'll be in my local Library. ^o^

  • AHH and just as I think it- i look and here he is talk about them!

  • And Demon City Shinjuku!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was just think about thi!
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    And Wicked City!!!! ha

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    FUCKING LIQUID TELEVISON!!!! Neo ToKyo!!! I watched this when it came out. fucking crazy

    ahh . german. i changed it for the nglish version

    this was voice acting before americans did it well - that's how amazing this anime is.
  • oh yea - wlecome to the freak zone -

  • that's a lot of posts in a row, I love the enthusiasm.
  • Also Bill Plympton "Cheating' is an amazing animated film

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