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Official Anime/Manga Thread



  • oh yea - wlecome to the freak zone -

  • that's a lot of posts in a row, I love the enthusiasm.
  • i feel like i could someday get really into anime. i love studio ghibli and samurai champloo, and i generally enjoy most of the other anime i've seen. any good anime on netflix i should check out?
  • yea - there a few really great series. Doesn't seem like you've watch FMA

    1. Full Metal Alchemist (FMA) 52 episodes ( There's FMA and FMA:Brotherhood - just start with FMA - get into the Brotherhood later) if FMA Brotherhood is the only one on Netflix now - just go to your library and get FMA. Don't start with Brotherhood.
    2. Kill la Kill - 12 episodes !!!! <- see that !!!!! <- yes
    3.Gurren Lagann - 12 episodes - also great - created by the same people who went on to make Kill la Kill

    2 and 3 are nonsensical. Gotta stick with them past episode 5 to really start getting it. But they're both fucking worth it!

    4. Puella Magi Madoka Magica. you're gonna turn this on and think "what - i can't watch this" fucking watch it. it's fucking amazing!

    5. NANA - and I've met loads of other people who fucking love NANA. NANA was pretty huge and rightfully so - but is it a @geo anime - idk.

    6. RDG - it's good. not life changing. but good.

    Netflix use to have a ton fucking more anime that was great. finding the 80s and 90s anime is largely a specialty, tho.

    HULU has the right for some more variety too. Hulu has

    One Punch Man!
    Cowboy Bebop
    ShinChan!!! funny dumb stuff
    Ergo Proxy - wasn't my cup of tea - but it's interesting
    Another - this one was a horror one. I watch few horror things but I continued with this.
  • one punch!!! hahaha i binge watched a ton of that over winter break--really fun show
  • BUT Crackle has ROBOTECH!!!!!

    you wanna get into some original Mech anime. Robotech!! and the 1986 remastered movie. What!

  • ONE PUNCH!!!!
  • I say this everytime someone asks for a rec, and i don't know if it is on netflix but Berserk is easily the best anime series I've ever seen... its absolutely fantastic.
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    The movie is on netflix - but the series is gold.

    Kenpû denki beruseruku!
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    it's .....oddly fun! almost tone-deaf fun
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    Sailor Moon International Day Los Angeles

    Griffith Park
    4730 Crystal Springs Dr, Los Angeles, California 90027

    Saturday, August 15, 2015 at 1:00 PM - 6:00 PM in PDT

    Event Schedule:
    1-3pm - Meet & Greet/Picnic time! Spread out your checkered blanket, crack open a cold beverage, and get to know your fellow Sailor Soldiers! Pretty Soldier Demikat

    3pm - Trivia! - Here's your chance to prove your knowledge of all things Sailor Moon and win cute prizes like posters and flair! (courtesy of our friends at Viz Media) Trivia! I'm gonna fuckin' slay, bitch!

    4pm - Costumes! - Show off your amazing cosplay and claim the grand prize as we informally crown our winner with audience applause. i'll skip, but watch

    5pm - Photo shoot/GROUP PHOTO/Video Spots - Sailors assemble! We're bringing in our photographer and film friends to film video spots about what Sailor Moon means to you, take lovely pictures of all our new friends, and one big photo of everyone at the first ever International Sailor Moon Day - Los Angeles!

    6pm - Closing Sing-A-Along - Warm up your voice with a rousing rendition of Moonlight Densetsu, the classic dub theme song, and other favorites as we bring an end to a gloriously magical day. lol can't wait. this will be painful and awesome

    Interested in karaoke after this picnic? Rsvp to the group thread below, or PM organizer Rachael. Karaoke! I'm gonna fuckin' slay, bitch!

    - let's carry the moonlight's message of love -
    Can't wait to meet/see everyone! The password is ::Omitted::

    like i'd put the password on this site!

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    @geo I'd really recommend "Attack on Titan" if you haven't seen it, I've managed to convince a few friends who previously took a hardline against watching anime to watch it and it changed their perspective.

    It's a really awesome and psychologically complex narrative, and probably one of my favorite anime ever. I just wish the new season would come out already. It also the best opening ever:

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    Also, I recently finished Samurai Flamenco (it's Manglobe, the same studio that did Samurai Champloo but it is nothing like that show just also kinda post-modern) and I really enjoyed it. That being said, it's definitely not for everyone. I think the best way I could describe it is that it is to Shonen Anime what Cabin in the Woods is to American horror films. It is simultaneously a parody and a deep homage, making fun of all of the tropes while also shamelessly invoking them. It's pretty post-modern in a lot of ways and I thought excellently walked the line between campy and self-aware (which is to say, not always letting you figure out where that line is easily). I think it's not for everyone because it requires a deep appreciation for the absurd and probably straddles the line of irony too closely for some but I really enjoyed it.

    The only thing I will say, is that I think the narrative would have been better if it had ended a couple episodes before it did (but that's also arguably a common trope of the type of anime that its homaging) but if you decide to watch it then that's a conversation we can have then!

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    Outlaw Star ending theme is fucking epic sci-fi fantasy dream stuff!
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    also there is of course "Neon Genesis Evangelion" if you haven't seen it, which is very slowly-paced at first and is not without its flaws but i think is arguably one of the most important pieces of animation out there. It's considered one of the great classics of not just anime but animation in general. I could go on for a long time talking about both its positives and its flaws, but its definitely worth seeing at some point. It's not particularly "easy" though, it is in a lot of ways a challenging piece of art which is why it was misunderstood and also why it is groundbreaking animated series. it is among the most philosophically dense pieces of media that I have ever seen, and one of the most important pieces in terms of challenging what animation can be and is perceived as
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    @toon the opening for Attack on Titan is very exciting - i'm gonna wait till to the whole show is finished. Season 1 was too exciting and stressful. I need an end game before i can keep going with it.
  • People have been crazy for NGE. and it certainly pounds down its art and philosophy. but fucking Shinji. . i think NGE is a study in patience.
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    and what a studio can do when it runs out of funding. it's certainly a trip. which you kinda do have to watch, @geo. NGE is polarizing in the anime community and a discussion that has to happen. all the time.
  • @demi yea the wait between seasons is really frustrating, but season 2 comes out next February! I appreciate that they are waiting for the manga to get ahead, rather than adding filler episodes. Attack on Titan really is such a strong narrative, and its important that they keep it in tact as much as possible.

    The director of Attack on Titan also just put out this other show that I want to watch called "Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress". From the trailer it looks like it's the same plot as Attack on Titan... but I figured I should give it a shot since he's a great director.

    he also directed death note.
  • interesting. i mean, yea. the trailer has A LOT of similar action points that resemble the first season of Attack on Titan - just with zombies. interesting. i like steampunk and steam kai. i don't like a reused story's an attempt to capitalize on a certain audience?
  • @demi yea i could easily write an essay on NGE. i think what you are saying is exactly right. some people love it, some people hate it. but it is hugely historically significant because no matter how you feel about it, it always inspires conversation.
  • in regards to "Kabaneri Of The Iron Fortress", yea, i don't know. i'm gonna give it a try because he's made some seriously quality work, but i'm definitely skeptical. i'll let you know how it is
  • I couldn't write an essay. if i tried i'd be all stops and stutters.

    " So you see... Shinji has ...some dad issues...but he's Adam. And ..there's these Angels...and sex - but not really - though kinda. And it's important. And Rei's there. And Mech and Shinji's the golden boy, but the world' gonna end and the penguin lives in the freezer! Oh and poor Asuka!"
  • @toon i like attack on titan. i got somewhat tired of its seemingly one-note plot after a few episodes, however. but if it's one of your favorites it must be better than i'm giving it credit for
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    It's definitely a little slow to start and gets better as it goes along. At the same time though I don't remember feeling like it was one-note so I dunno. They definitely spend a little too long in the exposition but it wasn't a major problem for me, and it makes sense why they do later on
  • i thought it had one to many mystery boxes and without the second season to gauge it's direction, it became difficult for me to rally behind it enthusiastically. I think, when i explore a story as an audience, i need to be let in a little more to both sides of the conflict.

    the main characters may not know what's going on - and I don't need to know completely either - but I need more than what they were giving me. Mystery key, mystery serum, mystery girl who can ::hidden content::
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    Anime voice actor Interview acquired!!

    Cloud, Vincent, and Cid? What a combination. I never played this. (as in, that combination - i bled this game at one point - like Hemingway over his type writer.)
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    This guy is so cool! Smooth McGroove!!

    look at that fucking cat!
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