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  • Watched Kubo, incredible best kids I've seen all year.
  • You're right @Mars

    Keijo!!!!! is really great!
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    also - if you're really interested in watching some very melancholy- super fucking impacting, you're just like "holy fucking shit - that's so crazy!" and complete at 13 episodes.

    "Now and Then, Here and There." I think about this anime often, but have only watched the series twice. it's intense, but a really good, dark, desert world fantasy. total classic. really potent.

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    Kimi No Na Wa was so good
  • One of my favorite movies this year without a doubt

  • I'll see if I can find it tonight! Movie Night!
  • I think the less you know about the story going in the better. Apparently in the six months it's been out, it's already surpassed Spirited Away to be the highest grossing anime of all time
  • well that's pretty amazing.

    did you watch it at a local theater or on the internet?
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    someone I know had a DVD copy of it, but I've noticed it playing around Los Angeles before
  • I'm sure it's out there on the internet somewhere
  • ryokai (・∧‐)ゞ
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    i think i found a copy online if you're having trouble finding it, i can pm it to you
  • i read hellstar remina last night, first manga i've ever read, and i can't get some of those images out of my head. i loved it, though. it was exactly the kind of sci-fi horror that i can't get enough of.
  • o0o0 horror.

    What happened in it? @yama. I don't read manga. too expensive to collect.
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    Astronomers on Mars discover a celestial body which makes all of the stars near it disappear. The astronomer who makes the discovery names the "star" after his daughter Remina. As they track the movement of the star, they discover that Remina is headed straight for Earth, perhaps because it was observed.
  • sounds pretty interesting

    does all the horror happen in space or does the star affect people on earth?
  • this is getting into spoilers a bit, but it doesn't directly affect people on earth (although the astronomer who's monitoring the star goes a bit loopy), but the world freaks out and starts rioting because the public knows it's heading straight for earth.

    what happens on the surface of remina is pretty horrifying, though.
  • Thanks for the rec! Im gonna check it out.
  • Back to the staples for a little bit!!

  • There is a 13th Secret Episode of WateMote!!! And here i thought i was going to bed! Thank you 5 facts!

  • IF you're looking for an anime that is super cute and qwerky funny with bright colors (chobits style on matte), with lots of
    ฅ(≚ᄌ≚)nyan, ฅ(≚ᄌ≚)nyan neko!

    "place to Place" is your next anime watch!

    look at these cute bastards fall in love and bleed from their noses at the very mention of "panties"

  • ^^^ actually, i'm having a difficult time staying interested in this.

    Every episode is like having a bite of a very rich and sweet cupcake that makes the back of your jaw hurt. It's very exciting to eat for the first few bites, but then you can only taste how rich, creamy, and sugar filled the icing is.

    i'm hungry for something new and exciting in anime - but I need something with more substance.
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    "Youjo Senki" The Saga of Tanya the Evil.

    Iron Crosses, Jackboots, and Magi. An interesting and violent series from the beginning. Alternate reality, World War setting - we, the audience, are on the viewing side of the ...alternate reality German-like regime. i'm only the 1st episode in, but geez what a concept. over simplification.

    image BUT definitely not too far from what's happening here.

    the protagonist?! is evil Tanya! a blonde hair, blue-eyed mage who's a high ranking commander of an industrialized, militant nation that's surrounded on all side by an advancing Alliance military. interesting.

    It's characterized as a little girl on the front lines of war.

    well - yea. i think i found something.
  • Light novel source - and licensed through FUNimation - currently airing. only 4 episodes deep!!!!

    Everyone! we're on time! simulcast!!!!
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    Oh what!!! and it's fucking amazing! it's fucking crazy
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    Youjo Senki is the fucking coolest!!!!!!

    ehhhh- really just got excited about nothing.
    now I'm at this point in the show and I'm like - geez, i'm not in the mood.
  • Mameshiba!!!!

    All of Mameshiba commercials together!

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    oh shit that takes me back, I saw those like 5 years ago, and showed them to friends who didn't understand at all.

    I don't even understand, but they're awesome.

    ~successful landing!~
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