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  • I finished the first season of SAO because the fights were pretty cool, but I didn't like any of the characters or care about any of their relationships. The main character was a self-absorbed douchebag and his love interest was good for much other than being constantly sad or in peril, so after the second game was done I was out.

    I know the exact moment I lost interest in AOT, it was *Spoiler* after the main character was eaten, then later returns as a Titan himself. It just felt like it was done for cheap shock, and they found a pretty weak way to write out that he wasn't actually dead.
  • @demikat did you know that Ernest Cline lives in the neighborhood where I work and I help him ship books all the time
  • WHAT!!!!!! That's so fucking cool @ManateeMaster!! you just pal around with him?! too cool!
  • Haha! Not exactly he comes to my office and it's strictly business. But we've talked a little and he showed me a picture of his Back To The Future Delorean. Also, you probably already knew this, but ready player one is being made into a movie directed by Steven Spielberg.
  • @manateeMaster

    yea - I'm ...reserved in my excitement for the movie. I have a very distinct image influenced by my imagination. I'm confident Spielberg will understand the 80s aesthetic part, but my concern is that he'll push it too far for not understanding the rust-punk, high tech - low culture, distopic aesthetic.

    and I think that "Spielberg" is too shiney of a name to ignore -but at the same time - that shiney-ness lends too much polish.
  • i would add - that feeling i'm looking for- the one that I believe ought to be pressed the most in the movie is escapism. the endless rusted wires contrasting with the brights blues of syntac bursts and the vast expanse of the inner mind and imagination always threatened by the falling eroded iron towers of reality. sufficating all the time when you're awake and in the world, but being able to breathe when you're alone, in the dark, online.

    Spielberg hasn't shown me something like that in his film best. he's very of the world and comfortable in it.
  • It's going to be very glossy for sure, which is kind of disappointing.
  • to my knowledge - this is not in an anime. But it should absolutely - hands down - be in one of the greatest, most heartbreaking, beautifully quiet melancholy adventure of lost dreams and overcoming. Mature subject matter and content applied; whistful ideologies and harsh truths.

    that's something i want to see.
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    tons of cute! super cute!!! magical girls, too!
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    I really loved fucking loved Puella Magi Madoka Magica. If it's still on any of my media sources, I'm binging that tonight.
  • Anyone watching Keijo? I had no interest in it but I kept hearing people I like raving about it. After the first episode I kind of dig it. The concept is silly, but with how seriously they take it, it makes it really funny and entertaining.
  • what! will give it a try if you think it's funny.
  • i love butts and breast!
  • Well it has plenty to go around.
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    I'm watching "Tonari No Seki-kun" The Master of Killing Time. Each episode is only 7 minutes and it totally lives up to the humor the title and opening song suggests. It's also complete. so you'll be going into this show with an ending in sight.

    it also has a live action version - eh. I might watch that, but just to see what's up. idk if the humor would cross over correctly from animation to live action. the anime is pretty perfect as is.

  • Watched Kubo, incredible best kids I've seen all year.
  • how much for kids is the movie? -just cause

    also!!! Robot Kazoku!!!!!!

  • You're right @Mars

    Keijo!!!!! is really great!
  • also watching "Yuri On Ice"

    boylove on Ice. I wasn't too into the opening at first. and now - i'm only kinda of against it. it matches the show, tho. I'm sure it'll keep growing on me with my interest of the show.

    feel good anime.

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    ehhhhh. came across "Bokurano"

    maybe it's cause I'm coming off of three feel good animes, "Tonari No Seki-kun, Yuri on Ice, and Keijo (fantastic)," but I couldn't watch Bokurano. Not yet.

    If you're feeling like something melancholy; an episodic sentimental exploration of youth coming of age in the face of death, set to the mood of "giant robot, dark fantasy" maybe you'll give this a go. or want to - if you're in the mood. I've only watched the first episode, but if you know anime - you're aware of what's gonna happen to each of the 14? 15? kids per episode. there's an overarching plot of the storyworld (gov't interferance/assistance) ehh...

    not in the mood for it. But the opening song is pretty great - so - i'll probably fuck around and watch this in it's completion eventually. I watched all 26 episode of Vampire Princess Miyu (◞‸◟)- i'll eventually watch something episodic again.

    at least with Bokurano, i trust it'll give way to some plot and character development.

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    also - if you're really interested in watching some very melancholy- super fucking impacting, you're just like "holy fucking shit - that's so crazy!" and complete at 13 episodes.

    "Now and Then, Here and There." I think about this anime often, but have only watched the series twice. it's intense, but a really good, dark, desert world fantasy. total classic. really potent.

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    It's not anime - but this is the best japanese show to ever exist!

    "My First Errand" "hajimeteno otsukai"

    You send your kid to the fucking store tradition!!!!

    it's the best fucking show!!!!!!

  • Tradition!
  • what would suck - as with the top video - the little girl is so excited to go shopping on her own but she doesnt buy any of the things her mother asked for.

    i wonder how you would correct that behavior
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    Kimi No Na Wa was so good
  • One of my favorite movies this year without a doubt

  • I'll see if I can find it tonight! Movie Night!
  • I think the less you know about the story going in the better. Apparently in the six months it's been out, it's already surpassed Spirited Away to be the highest grossing anime of all time
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