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  • "Ask, and be a fool for a minute. Ask not, and be a fool for life."

  • opening song is catching on. Shirobako is shaping into a very cool, funny, slice-of-life anime of fresh to the field adults working in the production industry. the word about is that if you're interested or curious about production teams - shirobako is an entertaining peek inside the lines.

    nothing too unique about animation style, but it has a good flow and a tight pace.
  • I started watching stein's gate @demi... Enjoying it so far but kind of 10 episodes in and feel like I'm still really waiting for it to kick off!
  • I'll try to catch up! first episode's got me interested.
  • "Stein's Gate" is the better anime so far.
  • Better than what?! Lol
  • of the minor contemporary list of anime I've invested enough time in to mention on the board in a very recent way - say Jan 29th forward.

    what else are you watching?
  • Nothing at the moment @demi. I think I'l finish this first before i start anything else... Any recs?
  • nah -not at the moment. just watching Stein's Gate and Shirobako when i have a guilt-free moment of spare time to indulge.
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    But - a recommendation of something I've seen awhile ago that remains one of the best anime.

    Juuni Kokki - Twelve Kingdoms. @benn

    it's an other-world anime that is really fucking great. Action, cool designs and character development. pretty cool dark fantasy, adventure.
    I had just finished Fushigi yuugi and was VERY tired of the secretly powerful, but whiney and distressed princess.

    but Juuni Kokki is another great anime (like Madoka Magica) that took a reoccuring motif and worked it into something amazing to watch.
    I was distressed with disappointment when I got to the last episode and there weren't anymore coming.

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    I think a great viewing party would be:

    Juuni kokki
    Vision of Escaflowne
    Scrapped Princess

    a very very long viewing party of 1 sitting in front of the monitor after work. over a few days with a blanket.
  • Do you watch amime using Crunchyroll @demikat?
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    i use crunchyroll from time to time; we have a history.

    but if you only use that service, you'd think anime didn't exist before 2006.

    back in the day, crunchyroll was a fan site with volunteers that subtitled unlicensed anime. so the variety of style, content, and genre was amazing. and there were a few sites in the anime community that did the same.

    story goes - anime broke through the surface tension of western consumer markets and Crunchroll was approached.
    It was to be used as a dowsing rod for what the anime market wanted, but it could only then show what was licensed (however, as a dowsing rod- it had the potential to aid in the direction of what ought to be licensed in anime) it stood during the witch hunt as its competitors' sites were all shut down. (the rumors in my community were that crunchyroll even aided in the search for more obscure fan sites to help bottle neck the market).

    and if you turn on crunchyroll today - you see the residual dowsing rod effect. it pointed in the same direction for so fucking long that the anime selection on crunchyroll is very similar to each other. ("magical child" because that was the new and successful style peaking in the 00s). peppered here and there with an anime classic/gateway anime that was just so successful - it'd be weird if they didn't carry it. @shin0z
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    very interesting :-? :-? :-? :-? :-?
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    sayaka chan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this is a spoiler. don't click if you're interesante!

  • Madoka Magica is so fucking amazing. I love it over and over again!!!

    spoiler - again. don't click if you're not already bjoierghjoiaghgavjebnv kjvgb evgjvg ejoagougajg !!!!

  • have any of you guys seen one-punch man? it's fucking hilarious and great and on netflix - highly recommend it.
  • yea - havent we geeked out about One Punch before? i definitely have but i suppose elsewhere. looking foward to season 2, so at best 2018 release =/

    but there's also a mobile game for "One Punch" which ought to be out some time this year. i'd play it, but i'm not expecting much.

  • i haven't kept up religiously with the thread, so you probably have... but i just had to post about it 'cause i've been loving it so much
  • FUCK YEA. Lupin the 3rd hype!

    it was a great fucking weekend and now all i want to do is revel in it.

    but it feel like i went to sleep sunday night and woke up on Tuesday for work.
  • Oshiete! Galko-chan! the fun talk about town currently. a unique comedy connection to the audience: asking a salacious question at the beginning of the episode in which the answer plays out through the style of a Mini episode with characters that outwardly project a common archetype while the innerself and true nature of the character is revealed through their actions and interpersonal relationships with others!

    Mad cute, very funny. Fan service!!

  • Really into this!!

    @synthwavelover - you watch anime?
  • I love it when people go crazy with a concept

  • thaaaat's funny
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    Sailor Moon International Day Aug 4th Los Angeles.

    ehh... this video is stylistly wonderful but very fuckin lame on content.

    However, i got VIP tickets cuz
    - Express entry who cares
    - Private room who cares
    - VIP swag bag!!!!
    - Private bar with specialty cocktails - every drink better be pretty AF

    and maybe I can play dress up!!!


    International Sailor Moon Day @ the Union on Pico Aug 4th.
    this is more exciting! - can't play it on other sites =/ which only proves how exciting of a video it really was!!

    so here's this!

    Live Action!!!!

  • very excited!

  • (✧≖‿ゝ≖)
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