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  • yeah, there's an rym account which keeps tabs of what TMT rate.

    It's easier to keep a thing like that rather than Pitchfork.
  • i for one like tmt's frequent perfect score giving becuase I think they do it ironically to offset their status as pretentious contrarians.
  • i think their 2-star review of currents (along with flying lotus in 2012 and boards in 2013) pretty much solidified their status as pretentious contrarians, regardless of their (extensive) efforts to prove otherwise
  • was there anything about the reviews that are bad besides the score?
  • for sure. the whole instagram comparison in tame's review was contrived and annoying, and check out this quote about lonerism: 

    "Everyone seemed to really like Parker’s songwriting on Lonerism, but I was perfectly content to put it down after a single listen and file it in my brain under “bad impersonations of music that already exists and most young Americans have heard.” The most frustrating thing about Currents is that, for probably the first time, it seems like Parker is writing songs that would be pretty decent and probably interesting if he freed them from this musty aesthetic and gave them room to express themselves."

    let me remind you that TMT gave lonerism 4 stars with some pretty high praise, yet they gave the reins this time around to a guy who didn't even like that album (who admitted that he dismissed it after ONE LISTEN)

    the scores are the least pretentious part of the tinymixtapes universe. any regular reader knows that.
  • The problem is that their review style is influencing others *cough*
  • I actually really liked the Instagram metaphor. I felt like it encompasses why main stream rock music is nearly (NEARLY) all garbage these days... I tend to side with them all the time so idk
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    jesus that's worse than I thought

    @ttk I'm allergic to subtlety who are you referring to
  • the only review on this page is styled almost exactly like a TMT review, only slightly more pretentious and silly

  • ooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • i swear its the most eye rolling shit I've ever seen.
    And I generally try to avoid reviews by them, because I know I will get annoyed.
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    i still read tmt now and then because their perspective can be off-beat and interesting at times. but i typically just read the positive reviews

    edit: oh god, that [REDACTED] review is so fucking bad.
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    you must not speak that name
  • oh wait didn't they write that ridiculous review on the 16 and pregnant girl's album or something?

    now THAT was the most pretentious psuedointellectual hogwash I've ever read
  • yeah but at least it was their own words
  • "Sonically, we encounter the fresh, shard-like ruins of contemporary dance-pop, each beat or fragment teasing but failing to resolve into regularity. Over this, Abraham intones in a voice masked by Auto-Tune so consistently and heavily applied that it speaks to the alienation of the recorded voice — the impossible struggle to hear oneself truly, and the typical recoil — as well as the fact that emotions recorded can never be commensurate with phenomenological experience, particularly given that all language available for such expression is now stereotype."

  • holy fuck do i loathe that
  • i love them so much hahaha i think u guys are reading tmt for the wrong reasons
  • If you're implying I should take their reviews as satire or sarcasm then I don't think it's very good satire or sarcasm
  • There's no way they're self aware. 0% chance.
  • its not satire or sarcasm thats not at all what im implying. Its just ideas that even tho u hate them they are funny points. Like the instagram thing. You cant pretend that point makes no sence. or the autotune thing like how can you read that and not at least chuckle or look up a word or get some feeling out of it. tinymixtapes reviews stir emotions and actions better than any other review. or if you do agree, than you can just think its some cool shit to think about.
    @kyl they are super self aware tho. If you really want me to i can go get exampls but actually as im typing this sentence im realizing i dont feel like doing that so nevermind. they are self aware tho

    once again tho i love their reviews so like im biased
  • me and my friends sit around for hours at a time and irony eachother sometimes so thats probably relivant too
  • plus pretension smells like bacon to the shootyman
  • and the shootyman looooooooves bacon
  • I've said before, all this ironic shit goes over my head, I'm far too dumb for it.
  • so how long til we get a Dre review

    rolling stone already has one out
  • http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/20866-abyss/

    probably as good as we could have hoped for
  • always with those half measures
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