P4K Predictions & General Music Criticism Thread



  • I agree with toon about Animals, it's probably the only track on Compton whose political sentiments I take seriously
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    Well I definitely don't understand the analogy either, I just don't think RTJ is political and Compton isn't.
  • Animals is good. It's like the one exception.
  • i like compton more than rtj becuase compton doesnt suck
  • sung tongs is one of the worst albums ever recorded
  • Unconstructive, uncreative, and otherwise inane posts are liable to deletion by administrator discretion.
  • like "i like compton more than rtj becuase compton doesnt suck"
  • I have poop on my butt
  • on it? that's impressive
  • It's been a bad day
  • my comment was relevant and provocative
    yours was provocative
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    oh so when you constantly butt in to say RTJ sucks whenever the opportunity arises it's not just to waive your arms hoping for attention, no, it's relevant information. sure, of course, because every jewel of wisdom that comes out of your keyboard is so valuable to the spirit of the forum
  • guys, it's everywhere. I don't know what to do.

  • nature has all the answers
  • this is the literally the third time iv ever commented on rtj rob dog  and the first time on this incarnation of the forum take a breather
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    yo I'm pretty certain it's close to reflektor levels at this point. even if not telling me that my posts are inane unconstructive or uncreative is straight up hypocritical of you, sorry if I'm apparently the only one that sees that.
  • @Kyle you try using double-ply? 
  • I'm way past that point... I think I need to get in the shower
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    sometimes your perception of reality gets distorted and thats ok i forgive you. you clearly acted in an way appropriate for how you mispercieved the situation
  • holy shit a screenshot, time to rethink everything in life guys, shootyman posted a screenshot
  • excellent point, i did in fact post a screenshot
  • I should stop trying to talk about hip-hop
  • @Kyle try using bleach
  • this tastes awful! Should I keep drinking or?
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    Stop you're not supposed to drink it! Just gargle it and spit it out 
  • I didn't bother trying to push for another hip-hop thread for a reason.
  • You should probably bleach your asshole while you're at it, it's the only way.
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    i think im starting to appreciate rtj on a p high level. i dont like the music itself but the whole aesthetic of their music is most certainly the aesthetic of public assembly. its angry, crowded, and v effective in the dissemination of a perspective.
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    still tho the flows and inflections of el p and killer mike are so awkward, i feel like im routing for them to finish the verses, which i guess is the aesthetic
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