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    v late citicism tho. most ppl have prolly forgotten about em by now
  • Awkward? We're listening to different records... there can be no other explanation.
  • i donno man its really difficult to articulate. i just dont hear the raw energy or brawn that i value in music of passion and anger. it feels physiologically impotent.
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    ive been reading way too much greko roman literature and listening to too much war music to have a palatable perspective on political aesthetics atm
  • I don't know how you could listen to something like "Respect is Due" or "Oh My Darling Don't Cry" and think it sounds awkward... those songs are clinics on really technical rapping to me.
  • woulda liked Royal Headache to get a bnm but apparently their new record is exactly as good as their last one at least.
  • surprised they didn't pop depression cherry with an 8.8-9.2. low-balled it imo
  • I disagree found it to be a bore, and I'm a huge Beach House fan.
  • Interesting, it's as if they're cutting all their old strings loose.

    They haven't BNM'd the new Deerhunter single, yet. Or even covered it. In the past few years they just haven't been giving the big attention to artists they used to feature.

    Radiohead, AnCo (Panda aside), Phoenix, and this year we've seen Joanna and Deerhunter both be snubbed. 
  • none of them have Young Thug features tho why would they get BNM??
  • I was thinking the same thing the other day, Nick. It seems as if they've moved on from their old trendy artists (many of which I love) for newer trendy picks. 

    Trends are fickle. 

    Robby's point actually elucidates this. 
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    They'll review the Deerhunter track before the end of the week. And I think it'll get BNT
  • Deafheaven got released last night and it's already BNT'd.
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    for what it's worth, i think anco, radiohead, phoenix, and deerhunter all have had dips in quality with their most recent records. if any of these bands releases another quality record (on the level of some of their older stuff), it will surely receive p4k praise and attention

    and sometimes they hold off on BNTing some early singles of records that they end up BNMing and placing high on year-end lists anyway. they're wary about keeping up their narratives, so they have to wait to hear more before they decide to put their weight behind any given single (if it's not an obviously exceptional single as is the case with the new deerhunter, which is solid but nothing mind-blowing)
  • Deerhunter is gonna get like a 5 because they're not cool anymore
  • the fact that Monomania got a BNM boggles my mind
  • i listened to some tracks from it recently and, it ain't a bad albummm
  • it's not bad but BNM?

    I mean I don't really care one way or the other about the new song either so they'll probably BNT it too
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    I just want another Weird Era or Cryptograms like album, but that will never happen.
  • I want a Bradford Cox mask made from his actual skin
  • I want to congratulate myself on the most disturbing post in this thread.
  • knowing Bradford he'd probably oblige that request.
  • just realized Nothing Ever Happened is the only deerhunter song i really really love. i don't listen to them a lot anymore but i never get tired of that particular track 

  • I like that helicopter song
  • http://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/20803-no-stairway/

    I posted about this on the old forum,

    I'm glad to see this is getting some attention.
  • I had no idea there was a new Fuck The Facts album out cmon @Robby

  • woah pitchfork covering them is kind of crazy
  • http://pitchfork.com/news/60891-announcing-pitchforks-200-best-songs-of-the-1980s/

    this will be kinda cool.
    will it be Purple Rain or Billy Jean?
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