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P4K Predictions & General Music Criticism Thread



  • you've made a good point, i think i was underestimating how seriously racists will use this as propaganda
  • Shooty: “Also idk where u got philosophy I’m talking understanding the way the state, production and society organize themselves and effect eachother.”

    Toony: “...understanding the philosophical underpinning of something takes time and energy that a lot of people just don't have.”
  • Neoliberalism is a philosophy so attacking it as an entire entity is ultimately a philosophical battle as supposed to attacking the policies it chooses to implement which is not inherently idealogical
  • But I agree I'm down to not have this argument lol I dunno why I'm picking fights today
  • edited June 2018
    I never said neoliberalism, thats another stait up strawman. I said “(neo)liberal capitalism and western ‘democracy”’, which is a material, universally relevant phenomenon.
  • Aight I misread your first post, wasn't trying to misrepresent you, invalidate you and didn't understand that distinction was super important to you either

    Let's leave it at that and maybe we can revisit a similar topic another time
  • You made some good points but I know you've heard Trump try and garner more of a black base by tweeting about him, Alex Jones wanted him on his show, etc
  • yea... underestimating the shittiness of people is always a mistake
  • I've enjoyed this dialogue, everyone.
  • Check the forum, see 70+ new posts in the P4k thread, lol.

  • bravo!

    Was gonna pull out the “hey the annual metal BNM” line but I almost forgot that they miraculously gave the BNM to the new Sleep
  • is this their first 9+ rating all year? I’ve never even heard of this guy tbh
  • What Serpent Music was fire and everywhere in the blogosphere
  • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ must’ve passed by me I guess.

    This one’s real good so far tho, like 5 songs in
  • this seems like exactly my kind of shit, hope i like it
  • arca vibes so far, loving this
  • do the vocals sound AnCo-ish to anyone else?
  • Yves Tumor is one of the biggest acts in experimental music right now bruh.

    Warp are really expanding how far their brand can go, it's quite impressive.
  • speaking of artists on Pan (or in the case of Yves, former) Amnesia Scanner just released their new record.

    Wonder if p4k's gonna follow suit and give this experimental electronic release a big score? They already gave that mono no aware comp an unprecedented 8.6 last year, so anything's possible really.

    also if anyone's intrigued, as Des said, Serpent Music is great, but Yves also released another record last year which is much more subdued, but still very good.

  • I’m really digging the Amnesia Scanner album as well. I don’t think P4k will give it a 9, but I bet it gets an 8.5 or higher.
  • I've never heard of Yves Tumor either. I'll give the record a spin this weekend.
  • I’m on my third listen already, super into it. Definitely gonna be high on my loved list (as ashamed as I maasaaaybe should be for finding out about this homie through pitchfork. sawwy)
  • don't feel bad.

    you are more aware of films than I ever will be, so it evens out in some aspects.
  • yeah, i listened through yves tumor again yesterday and loved it. probably already in my five favorite records of the year
  • It’s really amazing.
  • Just realizing now pitchfork never bothered reviewing the new KEN mode album a full month and a half after its release, which is funny/depressing considering they half-assedly promoted them back in 2013 when Entrench came out.
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