P4K Predictions & General Music Criticism Thread



  • I dunno, I'm not surprised by where Musgraves landed, mostly because I regularly speak to someone who has Golden Hour at their #1 of the year,
    also it's not just p4k, Musgraves has been getting a LOT of end of year spots. High up, too.


    not only that, she's poised to win a Grammy, if not multiple, so get ready to not stop hearing about her for a bit.
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    Wouldn’t be the first major indie darling whose hype I find entirely befuddling. wuddup Lana.
  • I like her.
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    Mitski is dope and she's been at it for so long and stayed so consistent... Therefore, although it wasn't my personal favorite I respect the pick.
  • i feel like the clear choice for p4k, if i worked there, would be SOPHIE's record. maybe earl's. but they haven't picked a really forward-thinking record since, fuck, MBDTF/MPP? all their recent choices have been safe, so i'm not surprised that this year's was super conservative, as far as the indie crowd goes. boring list is boring.
  • well Solange was a pretty bold pick a couple years back I thought
  • I dunno if it's *that* safe though, show me another list that has Koze, Yves and Earl in their top 10.
  • solange was fairly bold, indeed, but i would not call that album forward-thinking. it's a great record but very of its time.

    and yeah, they have some good picks. i was really happy to see dj koze so high and think that's probably their bravest choice.
  • I really like the Earl album but it's not even close to my favorite rap album of the year.
  • it’s between that and Hermit and the Recluse for me
  • Those are both excellent. Really dig the new Armand Hammer as well.
  • I am sleeping on Armand Hammer and Hermit, I like them a lot but I don't think I can give them the time they deserve before I make my end of year list.

    Both of those records feel like they need time, patience, and careful listening, not really ideal for the December part of music listening where you're playing catch up, seeing if anything that you missed catches your ear.
  • Agreed, listened to Orpheus Vs recently and felt like it went over my head
  • I’ll come back eventually
  • it was pretty bad
  • i actually liked the song with andre 3000 tho
  • This album was super disappointing
  • Ehhh.
    It's fine, I like it, but it's not amazing. Not anywhere near the highs of Overgrown or even his EPs, maybe unfair since the sounds explored on his EP's are so different from what he does on Assume Form.

    But like Barefoot in the Park, What's the Catch, Are You in Love, Can't Believe the Way We Flow and Don't Miss It are all fairly strong cuts.
  • Gotta disagree with u on Barefoot in the Park that song is awful. Just my opinion
  • This is by far his worst album.
  • A good half of his album before this was really bad tho
  • Apparently by next year the content on pitchfork is going to be paywalled, which is such a dumb idea I can’t wait

  • apparently Buoys is as good as Sleep Cycle and better than Painting With..

    nah. I mean it's a nice listen but a majority of the songs are redundant by half way through, and on a record thats 31 minutes long that should not happen at all.
  • This so much ^
  • wow, surprised by that score. thought it would get the pan for sure. sleep cycle deserved a 9 lmao, leagues better than buoys
  • i suppose their panda bias makes sense given their poptimist bent over the past decade. but this is getting absurd
  • inb4 avey drops an 8/10+ record a p4k gives it a 6.3
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