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  • I liked it a lot on my first listen,
    had that intimate yet emotional otherworldliness to it, similar to Lenker's solo record last year.
    Its surreal uneasiness.
    it feels like sitting on the side of a busy highway and watching the cars pass, feeling connections being made and lost as they speed by. the melancholy of the night air, and the ethereal beauty of the morning which comes after.

    I can see it growing on me, as I get myself more acquainted with the pricklier rhythms and less accessible moments.
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    Heyyyy, this new Baroness record has a fucking 94 on Metacritic. Has anyone here heard it? Is it really that good?

  • Nvm just answered my own question. This is amazing. If you’re looking for them to return to Red or Blue sound, that ship has long sailed. It’s only John remaining anyway, but after a couple of listens, this is the best thing ever released under the Baroness name. This is what I envisioned for Baroness when I heard Dave Fridmann was going to produce Purple, except better. I’m going to spend tons of time with this record, I can already tell. Wasn’t expecting this, not one bit.
  • I’d Do Anything choked me up. Also, the production on this is stellar
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    Ok the rest of this we can agree to disagree because I didn’t even find the songwriting all that good, but the production is *atrocious*. So many of these songs are physically painful to listen to on headphones. Purple had its share of production problems, but this just sounds unprofessional. Legitimately stunned that everyone involved in the making of this album listened to such obviously bad mixing and thought it was releasable.
  • They should’ve listened to people that were complaining about the production when the singles came out, went back to the studio and remixed/remastered it, and then put it out. It still wouldn’t be anywhere close to their best album but at least it would be listenable.
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    But even if the production were good there’s still those lame studio jam interludes and that cringey synth piece at the end. I dunno, it’s hard for me to see how this isn’t clearly their worst album.
  • I think Yellow and Green is probably their worst, even though I still like it. I don’t think there’s anything cringey about this album, it’s fucking good. Did you like anything after Red and Blue? I guess we just have different tastes, but I just can’t see how anyone could think this is their worst album.
  • I think it’s at least on par with their best work, although different.
  • Yellow & Green had much better songwriting and it didn’t make my ears bleed so it’s definitely better in my book. And I really enjoy Purple. I never said I wanted a Red / Blue rehash, but the experiments and detours here like that silly synth track really aren’t cutting it. (And this band used to be *great* at interludes.) TBH I don’t know how anyone can listen to the earlier records and prefer this one.
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    I guess it’s still early to say if it’s their best, but right now I’d say:

    Blue =Red >Gold and Grey >Purple>Yellow and Green
  • Idk tho, Gold and Grey is pretty outstanding. The closing track, Pale Sun, is just so fantastic. Throw Me An Anchor, Seasons, all great songs. I think you’ll come around to it in time, give it another chance.
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    I love the direction they’ve taken, it’s pretty bold. Very colorful.
  • haha i get your joke manatee very funny
  • I didn’t get it until just now tbh lol
  • I’m here all week
  • I dunno that I’ve ever agreed with a fantano review more. Totally nails what makes this album so bad.

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    When Melon and Robby Share A Wrong Opinion: EP 1 🙃

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    I understand someone liking the songwriting more than me, but the production is objectively horseshit and I'm certainly not budging on that.
  • Awesome that pitchfork gave MIKE another bnm. Hopefully it throws some much needed attention his way.

  • It’s the same score as is his other BNM, but I think this one is much better

  • Ok maybe it’s dumb to complain about this these days but how the hell can Freddie and Madlib come out with two obviously awesome albums and p4k can’t BNM a single one of em?

  • Like if I remember correctly they put Piñata in their “most underrated albums of the year” list and I’m like “everyone else praised this, y’all are the ones that underrated it”.

  • I don’t get it either.

  • anyone catch p4k's stuff up this evening? They put the metal record up with a score of 0,0 and a review reading "tk" for a few hours.
    It's changed now, but for a while it was quite confusing.

    (yes I did post it in the wrong thread. shut up)
  • I did not

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    anyone catch TTK's stuff up? It's fixed now, but for a while it was quite confusing.

    (Sorry Nick I had to)
  • ^-^
    (nonsense post of acknowledgment)
  • AYYYYY got me, Yams.
  • awwwww i’m changing my name to yams during thanksgiving season
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