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VS Thread

Shoeycore vs Shootycore


  • abbey road vs. revolver (my two favorite beatles records, interested to see what people here prefer)
  • Abbey Road with a slight margin given that Revolver has "Yellow Submarine"
  • I pick Rubber Soul
  • rubber soul is probably my third fav, but u have to choose one of the above, srry

    and i think "yellow submarine" gets unfairly maligned. "maxwell's silver hammer" was called granny music by two of the beatles and is just as frivolous (not to mention "octopus's garden," which i love but has a similar feel).
  • well if I have to pick an album inferior to Rubber Soul I pick Abbey Road
  • Abbey Road, but sgt peppers is my fav
  • picking your favorite Beatles album has like 6 legitimate answers.

    None of which are the white album, those people are maniacs.
  • does it make me a beatles stan if i like "wild honey pie"?
  • There are worse things to be than a Beatles stan
  • Revolver and Abbey Road are both in my top 25 of all time,

    I think Revolver because apart from Yellow Submarine, all the songs are 10/10, with Tomorrow Never Knows being one of the best songs ever written.
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    i agree with you there. i prefer revolver because i tend to like the beatles' psychedelic stuff more, and revolver nails it with their strongest collection of songs, splitting the difference between rubber soul and sgt. pepper
  • "Tomorrow Never Knows" is like the best album closer ever
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    But Don Draper doesn't like it  *shrugs*
  • I'm pretty sure Don Draper also voted for Reagan so he ain't right about shit
  • Nah by time tricky Dick has elected, he started viewing the world in a more progressive manner politically. He voted for Nixon over JFK, but he was deeply disappointed when he won in 68.
  • I dunno I'm pretty sure everyone on Mad Men besides Peggy voted for Reagan
  • Never seen Yellow Submarine hated on until now
  • And The White Album is some of their most experimental and interesting music of their career. Even if it isn't my favorite per se
  • Atom Heart Mother is the greatest Pink Floyd album
  • Encore > Relapse and is generally very underrated
  • Tha Carter is a Top 5 Southern Rap Album
  • Yellow Submarine the song isn't shit on, but the album definitely is. Constantly.
  • lol most people don't even know that album exists it's so buried
  • I do enjoy Atom Heart Mother and I appreciate someone being able to say it's their best, but I don't think I could ever say that. I'd probably have to go with Animals, WYWH, or Dark Side of the Moon. I'd definitely say DSM was their most perfect album
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    hot take: the white album sucks
  • That is objectively wrong
  • Most above statements are objectively wrong
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    Nah White Album rocks. 

    So does the Black Album

    Actually, that works as a good review of the White Album. 
  • Pet Sounds vs. Rubber Soul
  • Rubber Soul. But while I really like the Beach Boys, I prefer the Beatles. 
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