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  • the new Black Eyed Peas track references all these old hip hop tracks, to try and get the respect of the hip hop heads again.

    it's kinda sad, like a kid that broke a vase and is now trying to apologise by doing some chores around the house.
  • has anyone taken them seriously since Fergie?
  • I liked a few of their early singles with Fergie,

    you know, when they were still a hip hop group, just a commercial one.

    Then they went generic dance music and sucked a lot
  • I mean the best parts of that track are everything that isn't the BEP themselves (Tip, Kweli, Cee-Lo), but it's still a great track.
  • man that track is fookin' lameeeeeeeee.
  • i probably won't be able to listen but that's cool af
  • Just listened to Vince Staples - Summertime '06 for the first time and my first impression was really good. I could definitely see this thing making my top 20 of 2015 as long as it holds up on further listens
  • future's beats are cool but he's the shia labeouf of hip hop
  • stop making your posts memes rubella

  • Glasses Malone's verse was wack as fuck but Mike and Kendrick are cool
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    i haven't seen any mention of the Danny Brown and Clams Casino single. it's perfect.

  • i heard that a few days ago (Fire emoticon 6 times followed by 100 emoticon 3 times)
  • one of my favorite hip hop singles of 2015 along with young thugs pacifier and of course white iverson 
  • ppl dont fucking hype adult swim singles enough

    like fuck theyve had everything from a death grips to tim hecker to deafheaven to fucking georgio moroder
  • u guys will let me know when kanye and dre drop right? im counting on u guys
  • do albums drop at midnight
  • Dre is getting streamed at 6pm edt
  • on apple music?
  • todat or tomarro? all the release dates iv found are tomarro
  • I was wrong it's 6PM PDT/9PM EDT
  • goddammit kyle
  • you may live in the world of todat, but I live in the world of tomarro!

    you say tomato, I say tomarro.

    I also say shut your fucking face, I need my space, wait, no, don't leave, I was just angry, I didn't mean to push you away, I'm so lonely, please come back, please.

    But I say tomarro more often. ,. At least I think I do.
  • I read this at 4PM thinking it was an ad.
    photo 177EB49D-C10B-407E-BCF0-9F753E30EC92.png.jpeg
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    I'm really glad he went the avenue of not putting out anything before and just giving a date, I'm glad that strategy is being used more and more mainstream artists, just makes the album release stuff more exciting when you haven't heard a second of it beforehand
  • agreed. the roll-out of tame impala's latest reminded me why I don't like a drawn out period of hearing bits and pieces of a record. the album was ultimately less satisfying when I first heard it because a lot of its best moments were exposed beforehand. 
  • that's actually why I didn't listen to any of the Tame Impala singles except for maybe one
  • smart move. i didn't even listen to the singles very much (outside of "disciples"), but it still tarnished the album a bit
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