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    Chance's new track is real smooth.
    Makes me think of like... Slum Village, or that early 2000's Soulquarians stuff.

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    kool a.d dropped a fun mixtape with his buddy kassa overrall, features them rapping over beats from hot n*gga, try me, and no flex zone. i actually really like it 

  • I'm so happy this exists.
  • I did not know he was behind all those peeps. That's amazing. Nothing compaired to the new Calassic tho. 

  • this is fuuunnnyyyy
  • key came to my school to perform with one of our improv troupes earlier this year, and he was insanely funny. so quick the whole time, easily generating hilariously detailed voices and characters seemingly from nothing. that's a dude who has earned his success. 
  • Improv is so much fun, but it sucks when you're with people who cannot do it.
    some people just aren't funny.
  • I was kindasorta in my school's improv club but I was always pretty terrible at it. Everyone else meanwhile behaved like the improv cult on bojack
  • my improv thing wasn't a club, it was a class.

    The people I had in my class were some of my best buddies back then, so playing along side them was a lot of fun.
  • I am awful at improv. Freestyling too. I love watching good improv though, like Comedy Bang! Bang! interviews.  
  • so I'm just finding out about TDE's pre-order scheme for the new Jay Rock...it seriously might be the stupidest release strategy for any record in the 2010s and that's saying a lot
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    I think it's an interesting strategy which could be handled better with a bit of a change up.

    I like the idea of putting the fate of the record release in the hands of the consumer, but not showing how many pre orders are required is a big dick move because then TDE can move that theoretical number whenever they want.
  • I don't even think it's real. I think they're just saying it to drive pre-orders and the record has a set date.
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    that's actually what makes it irritating, it's too transparent. plus it could backfire if the album is a disappointment to a lot of the people that pre-ordered it. it just seems shady to me

    and ya @ttk the lack of a specified number of pre-orders is the most shady thing about it
  • how does Kendrick get better with every fucking rap he does?
  • he drinks lots of milk
  • He sells dicks
  • @Cordell Coke Boyz 5 is great too if you skipped that one.
  • how you boys n girls liking Wave[s]?

    I didn't really feel it that much. it didn't hit me like The Water[s]. that aside, cant wait for [T]he [H]ealing [C]omponent. 
  • Haven't heard it yet but I liked one of the pre release tracks a lot
  • Didn't like it much.
  • i liked the pre release track alchemy a lot, but i feel like the rest of the EP didnt jive with me all the way. gotta let artists test the water tho i guess, no pun intended. 
  • I dug it, but it wasnt the instant classic the waters was
  • And yes im devaluing the term instant classic here fuck you
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    Billy Woods on Open Mike Eagle's podcast (which I didn't even know existed) @hiresdes this will def be of interest

  • Oh shit thanks!
  • I didn't think I would ever be stoked for a new mac miller but dammit his new tracks are hot
  • they alright.
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    What do you guys think about my new music video? [embed removed by administration]
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