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Hip Hop



  • Thought it was pretty bad TBH lol
  • I don't even know what to make of kendrick's endorsement of dumb
  • Wiki has the best new album out, milo maybe second
  • I like the Wiki a lot
  • Listened to about 1 minute of Luv is Rage 2 and I already have brain damage
  • welcum 2 lil uzis world
  • when I saw that Apple Music refers to this album as "post-trap" I wanted to kill myself
  • I thought it was great yknow it's not really meant to be listened to sober in a chair alone it's meant to be listened to drunk at a party on the dance floor
  • I love uzi so much I wish he repped philly more :(
  • And post-trap is an absolutely appropriate label even if it's silly- it's rearranging elements of trap music to do things that are not part of the original scope of trap music, just like post-rock and rock and post-punk and punk
  • "do things that are not part of the original scope of trap music"

    Like what?
  • edited August 2017
    Well, he's not rapping about being in the trap for one thing
  • really really enjoying the new milo
  • @geo It's his best work, I think.
  • I wouldn't go that far but it's dope. New Uzi is dogshit though.
  • edited August 2017
    "Well, he's not rapping about being in the trap for one thing"

    Point being? He could be rapping about Arthur for all I fucking care so this is a pretty null point
  • By that same logic clowns like Jake Paul or Lil Peep could also be allowed into the "post-trap" club since they don't talk about anything that the "initial scope" of trap music was about. A sound as mainstreamed and commodified as trap is obviously going to have people using that sound to rap about whatever they want
  • I don't think post-trap is a bad label for lil peep at all lol
  • Yea I agree with shooty, I think for me the issue is I don't like any of the music that falls into the category. At least not that I've been exposed to
  • Post-trap is trap with a sad boy aesthetic
  • I've heard the same label applied to Lil Yachty and that probably offends everyone here lol
  • I was solidly pro Lil Yachty until Teenage Emotions
  • He's def just doing trap tho tbh
  • edited August 2017
    @toon_malk yeah lil peep is trash but there's actually some pretty cool stuff embedded in the movement imo (namely purpdoggs recent releases)
  • edited August 2017
    Actually honestly everyone should listen to this record but no one prolly will but now at least I can say I shared it.
  • edited August 2017
    Both of those records actually

  • which is to say I was solidly pro Lil Yachty until Lil Yachty became solidly anti-music
  • I like that OmenXIII the most of what you posted
  • I see some potential aesthetically for what some of these people are doing but imo i haven't heard anyone really expand that aesthetic to something that resonates more
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