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  • Who listened to Slime Season?
  • I've heard some of it. it's pretty much thugger being thugger
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    Check out Mac Miller's Watching Movies I think he's more convincingly sad on that album.

    It's dope, but a lot of it had leaked prior and it sounds less like an album in comparison to Barter 6 and is just more of a collection of hot tracks.
  • I agree @Des Barter 6 is more cohesive,but I think a lot of the tracks on Slime Season are a bit better than some on Barter
  • Watching Movies was pretty good I pretty much went from actively hating Mac Miller to kinda digging him with that project
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    Really feeling this new British rapper - http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/danny-seth-perception-new-mixtape.116034.html?song-83777

    Also Blackalicious and Do or Die both are back with new albums...
  • Yeah I'm really interested in the new Blackalicious, I've been getting back into Blazing Arrow.

    I always forget how adventurous and interesting it is, but it really is one of the best hip hop albums of the 21st century.
  • My man I love that album too.
  • Gift of Gab is certainly an underrated lyricist,

    tracks like Chemical Calisthenics and of course Alphabetic Aerobics show his versatility, control and ability to write rhymes with the some of the most esoteric words to grace hip hop.
  • the only thing about he new travis scott that stands out to me at all is that Piss on Your Grave sounds like what Yeezus should've been. I have no clue what fantano is on when he says this is more "album-ready" than DS2 or Barter 6 or how he thinks this is somehow less one-dimensional than those albums, which are way more fun than this
  • and @hiresdes I understand a whole lot better where you're coming from in your critiques
  • Word, I think the funniest thing about Travis is how he actively seems to try and get collabs from the people he's swagger jacking almost seemingly as a way to conceal the theft.
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    there's one track that sounds like Take Care era Drake (whatever the track is with the "they know they know" refrain) and then there's a Future impression and a Yeezus track this album is like a covers mixtape or something

    if Travis made these tracks with these artists and they ended up on their own albums then it'd be alright but as an album Rodeo is a clusterfuck
  • Pretty fair review Anthony -

    I've got nothing bad to say, though it's more in the strong 6 territory for me.
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    like slime season a lot, yeah its just a hodgepodge of tracks but its more than enough to tide me over until hitunes
  • what's up with rappers not releasing their albums this year

    no swish, no hitunes, no views from the 6
  • New Milo is fire.
  • I really want King Push but that's looking doubtful now too, I don't think anything's come out since Lunch Money was accidentally released way too early.
  • he needs to cut the bs on his next one though, if there's another Chris Brown track i'm gonna go nuts. Pusha is easily a top 10 rapper for me but his last one was so below his potential
  • Pusha is no where near my top ten, and I can't say I'd be at all excited for another release. But hey I think The Clipse are one of the most overrated groups in rap history.
  • i really dont like that 1 2 3 4 clap thing that's being used a lot in the post EDM rap. it feels like someone is instructing ppl about what they should do before the bass enters. 
  • anyone else into this new Underachievers?
  • I didn't like it, but I didn't think they evolved much at all and others disagree.
  • Anybody check out that Little Simz album? It's so good.
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    @ManateeMaster Can I get a plant, I'll take it out as soon as I get it to save space.
  • I would if I could, but I can't because I'm listening to it on Apple music
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    little simz is pretty good but i find it hard listening to rappers with heavy accents 
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