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Hip Hop



  • There’s a lot to take in, it needs multiple listens, production is great. There a few mediocre tracks, but overall I’m digging it.
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    It’s OK not to like them, but to say all the singles are trash Is objectively wrong
  • The Pusha T album is great too
  • daytona is ok that ye feature had me talking to myself tho
  • I dunno
  • New Denzel track gives me further amunition for my war to declare him the best in the game
  • Fuck yeah can’t wait for whatever he has coming out
  • agreed daytona sounds good but doesn't feel that good. that new denzel single is fire tho
  • Denzel sounds like he's battle rap freeestyling half the time, hook game is mediocre, has awful racist song titles and his adlib game is nonexistent. I've never heard him make any sort of poignant metaphor or talk slick. He's cool but I'd never put him em in that upper echelon of rappers.
  • “has awful racist song titles”

    other than “Gook” I dunno what you’re talking about here
  • denzel is beyond echelons denzel is the sound and the feeling of the beating heart.
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    gook isnt an intentional slur he didnt even know it meant that for a song title and those other things are opinions
  • yeah I just looked it up and apparently it has a completely different colloquial meaning in miami
  • edited May 2018
    I know he claimed that but I don't buy it. It's no different than Rae using chinky as a euphimism for getting stoned.
  • fuck man, bizarre ride ii is one of the best hip hop records i’ve ever heard. grown on me with every listen & it’s becoming such a treat. amazing beats, hilarious and clever bars, awesome variety - just so colorful all around
  • Pusha just pulled some nardwuar shit on Drake holy shit
  • yo I’m uninformed in hip hop diss history like has there ever been a better diss track? like one of this magnitude??
  • pusha t just saved hip hop
  • pusha t just saved america
  • “No Vaseline” and “Ether” are definitely the most legendary disses, in my limited knowledge anyway
  • The diss wasn't all that tbh, going out after a producer with MS, utilizing a rumor TMZ put a year ago and is largely unsubstantiated, that tick tick tock bar...Shit is corny. Pusha T's beef with getting ghostwritten is mad hyprocritical while he sits comfortable on the label owned by the king of verse stealers.
  • Yeah I forgot “Hit em Up” 8-}
  • “Fuck wit Dre Day” is also a good one
  • yea the MS stuff was definitely questionable although in all fairness he said he was trying to make Drake mad... if I was Drake I'd be pretty mad rn
  • i also can't believe that fucking picture is real jesus christ what was he thinking
  • Yeah I initially assumed it was a doctored photo, but no drizzy apparently thought blackface was a good idea lol
  • the 40 line could be a step too far, but tbh rappers have punched lower than that in diss records before
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