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Hip Hop



  • new Armand Hammer vinyl only (?) album coming soon
  • Kinda interesting how Nas put out an album last week and ain’t nobody gave a shit lol (for good reason, it’s zzzzz)
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    nah its topped streaming charts
  • I agree with Robby, the first three songs are good and the rest is kinda sucks.
  • @shooty news to me, but no one’s talking about it, mostly because it’s kinda depressing watching Nas punch below his weight so consistently
  • yeah it was horrible lol
  • “Nas Album Done” was honestly better
  • Greedo God Level is a banger through and through, whoa, sad he's gone for 20 years now...
  • @hiresdes he’s going away for 20 years for fucking meth possession? fuck the fucking drug war
  • I’ll check this out. I like the Wolf of grape Street, and I just heard his feature on the new Freddie Gibbs album. Damn, that sucks.
  • Denzel leaked a little early
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    @manatee I’m intrigued, I’ve heard a bit of his stuff

    @hires the first third (or first Act or whatever) is already on apple/spotify, I guess he’s releasing the album in 3 chunks from today to friday
  • I didn’t really like what I heard from the Denzel
  • I dug the first four tracks, but I definitely expect fans of Imperial to not dig this so much. (I love Imperial too, fwiw, but I like the new direction a lot too.)
  • Yeah I really fuck with this. Might be better than Imperial really
  • I cannot get into Denzel, I tried. He’s a little corny. And borrows a lot from others.
  • luv denzel
    new shit p good too
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    “And borrows a lot from others“

    ...don’t see your point here. Denzel has really succeeded in finding his own voice in these last two projects. Where does he borrow too much from others? I mean no one in rap is without their influences and reference points.
  • Like there are dozens of popular rappers way cornier and less original than Denzel
  • I hate Imperial Denzel and love his previous work so not sure what to expect. He can definitely get corny though I agree
  • hm, i like ta13oo. first denzel i’ve heard. but i’m still making up my mind. the first third and last third are really great, but the middle drags a bit - and i do find a lot of the lines corny throughout. “sumo” is really repetitive (but a sick beat), the kurt cobain song is just cringe, but i love the bookends, especially the last three tracks.

    i will say, though, i listened to earl’s i don’t like shit after and the difference in lyrical ability was so stark. it sort of made me like denzel’s album less. then again i’ve heard it a lot so might just be familiarity bias
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    That’s a very random artist to compare with though. Denzel and Earl have completely different sounds, deliveries, emotions... not really sure where comparison between the two would even make sense.

    Also “Clout Cobain” was cringe? Uh... how? Thought it was easily one of the best tracks here and I think it makes a really strong statement on clout chasing. Don’t see how it’s cringe at all.
  • Also you really think Earl hasn’t dropped some cringe ass bars in the past, even on that album? I love the dude but come on
  • clout cobain is a banger
  • wasn’t going out of my way to compare the two, just stating the experience of hearing one after the other. nor do i think earl has not dropped cringey bars before, just that his overall lyricism is clearly on another level. this is not to say that the albums are very comparable or anything. for me, though, the curry album really shines through its production. clout cobain’s production is way good, i just hate the hook & think the whole rappers worshipping/referencing cobain is overdone to death.

    just my opinion y’all, i still like the record. yet another contribution to a banner year in hip hop. and there are still five months left in the year, jesus
  • “think the whole rappers worshipping/referencing cobain is overdone to death”

    This phenomenon is part of what the song is about. Romanticizing drugs/violence/suicide and looking to imitate that behavior for attention (or clout) rather than really dealing with the consequences of those things. Denzel talks about it similarly on “The Blackest Balloon” where he talks about how nothing in the culture has changed since Peep died. The exact same pressures, circumstances and cultural expectations that led to Peep’s death are still here, and we’ve made it such that younger generations of artists will go through the exact same cycles.
  • I listened to Ta13oo yesterday and thought it was rather awesome.

    I initially was like "uhh" when it came to the hook of Clout Cobain (maybe a li'l edgy) but it's grown on me, and like rb said, it's got a lot of great commentary.

    My personal favourite tracks are Black Balloons, Sirens, Percs, Vengeance and Mad I Got It. Tthe flow switch ups on the latter track in particular are crazy.
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