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Hip Hop



  • But Ye didn’t come out till the following afternoon either, he does this every time. I don’t know why people are getting bent out of shape about this, Mike Dean is probably still mixing it as we speak
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    I’m pretty sure this also happened two years ago with TLOP as well. Right after SNL I think, but I’m not sure
  • I don't care about it, I'm really surprised people still tune in, ye was garbage... Kids See Ghost was carried by Cudi
  • i think ima get off the kanye train lol genuinly now believe hes lost his mind
  • I kinda had this idea of where I thought he was goin with the whole thing but the new stuff with the 13th amendment thing is just like lol
  • he really could have been president too imo
  • It’s just pathetic and depressing at this point, and just stunning to see how far he’s fallen. I don’t even care at this point whether Yandhi even exists.
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    OK, not to excuse him, but I think his 13th amendment point is the 13th amendment has an exception to the slavery ban for punishment of a crime, and the exception should be removed. It's just the way he said it is really dumb.

    Or he's just a moron and actually thinks the entire amendment should be torn down? idk
  • Yeah I actually will give him credit in that I did think that the above option is what he meant, but he presented it in an idiotic, non-specific way.
  • Ima throw my chips on the table and say I don’t think we need to be focusing on repealing the 13th amendment rn lol
  • Coming out in november now, allegedly. I’ll believe it when I see it
  • @Shootymane when my boy noam chomsky becomes president it will be addressed
  • Fetti and the new Vince are so dope
  • Fetti was great, didn’t like the new Vince ep a whole lot but maybe it’ll grow on me
  • I like Freddie Gibbs but do I like Freddie Gibbs enough to listen to an entire project with Currensy all over it?
  • edited November 2018
    Spitta kills it, the Vince EP is better than his last album
  • No that is wrong
  • I loved Big Fish Theory
  • @robby yes. Currensy is not actually bad anyway
  • Big Fish Theory was half good half gimmicky. Definitely prefer Summertime ‘06 and the EPs personally
  • The "Tell the President to suck a dick" refrain was awesome fun last year as the world was burning.
  • Yes, Summertime 06 is still his best
  • edited November 2018
    Wow y’all were right Fetti rules, never expected to like Currensy on anything and gangsta gibbs continues his hot streak
  • anyone listened to DiCaprio 2 yet?
  • It's fire!
  • Earl leaked apparently.
  • its on spotify, I've given one listen and ...

    yeah ...... maaaan... my gut feels that this could be up there with tpab and atrocity exhibition as one of the best hip hop records of the decade
  • But Atrocity Exhibition isn't up there. XXX >>>
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