Hip Hop



  • I’m so hyped for this shit
  • I like it! I'll probably check this out when the full release comes out.
  • Da Baby's Baby on Baby is much better than the artist's name or album name would ever imply. Banger after banger, relentless tempo.
  • ya this is p good
  • Maxo's Little Big Man is fire

  • I've been digging on this for the past day. Maybe a little too drowned in their influences, but the beats are so claustrophobic and weird that they almost sound like sound collage, and the rappers have nice aggressive flows.
    It's good!
  • Guys im in like almost my third year of black kray obsession now whens it gonna stop
  • Ice Cream and Mac 10s is a classic
  • i actually prefer his newer slightly poppyer shit
  • New Billy Woods is fucking awesome. Guy cannot lose, between his solo stuff and Armand Hammer, he consistently releases fire
  • This last song is fucking intense. Best hip hop record I’ve heard this year
  • Fuck yes I'm so excited
  • New Quelle Chris too is also fantastic, what a time to be alive.
  • yea it’s pretty solid
  • Naw breh it's fire.
  • it is indeed awesome.
  • new denzel curry is so sick
  • the only thing that sucks about it is that rick ross is on it
  • Eh I like Rick Ross ok enough for a feature now and then, he was good on “Nappy Head” off Imperial
  • I think the skits were both pretty lame and should’ve been taken out, but yeah this is raw as fuck and I already know I’ll be ridin’ to it all summer.
  • yea skits are almost always bad but meh he had to find a way to stretch an EP into an LP lol
  • It feels mixtape-ish, but in a good way. Just pure rawness
  • It basically sounds as hard as the album cover suggested
  • Finally got around to this. Awesome

  • why did it take Blu 10+ years to come together with another great album? (NoYork has its moments tho)
  • yet another new MIKE album dropping next week

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    I've been sleeping on this for years

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    I can totally see how influential this style was to folks like Aesop Rock, this is the closest I’ve seen classic 90s boom bap get to the Def Jux sound. (If there’s more shit in that vein I’m missing please lemme know)

  • Where’s a good place to start with Del the Funky Homosapien? Should I skip right to Deltron 3030 or go with one of the early solo records first?

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