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Perfect Albums

an ongoing list of perfect albums:

1. Dinosaur Jr. - You're Living All Over Me


  • If there's a rallying cry for everything I fucking believe in as a music fan it's that album. God dammit it's so good.... IT'S SO FUCKING GOOD.
  • Donuts is the obvious answer
  • YLAOM is the one album in history where it's scientifically proven that the louder you turn it up the better it gets. The more distorted and shitty it sounds the better it is. The more if hurts you the more you feel alive inside.
  • and it makes no sense! There's so many dumb mixing things about it that someone could tear apart. It's just this massive behemoth that sounds like shit and doesn't care what you think.

    there's a moment at the end of a solo on "Raisans" where the guitar just drops out of the left channel for no reason and it enhances the song because this is fucking YLAOM and fuck you.
  • I'm still convinced all that noise on "tarpit" is a literal demon that they somehow recorded.
  • "In a Jar" is like the most subdued song on the entire thing and then boom you've got a bunch of shredding, random noise, and then some dude is having an orgasm.
  • Was it You're Living All Over Me or Bug that Dinosaur Jr. did one of those "album in its entirety" tours for?

    If they did You're Living All Over Me, "Poledo" would be a definite smoke break moment, for me at least.
  • if we're trying to agree in this thread, i doubt people will have issue with adding since i left you, endtroducing, and ITAOTS to the list. maybe i'm overestimating the sample love here, though
    edited July 2015
    even though I don't this it's amazing, I do appreciate a lot of YLAOM.

    Like Mascis has the ability of delivering these pretty great vocal melodies in this weird atonal off key styling. It shouldn't work at all, but it does some how.
    His wailing over Tarpit almost sounds ... epic?

    It'd be this completely shambolic mess if it wasn't held together with a thin piece of string.
  • @Alex I saw them play YLAOM live but it was at the 25th anniversary show in NYC so I don't know if they toured it or anything.

    Lou Barlow actually just did "Poledo" solo without all the more abstract parts. It was actually kind of rad from what I remember.
  • here's that performance actually
  • David Bowie - Low
    David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust
    Tim Buckley - Lorca
    Can - Future Days
    Lloyd Cole - Rattlesnakes
    John Coltrane - A Love Supreme
    Dirty Beaches - Stateless
    Nick Drake - Bryter Layter
    Milo - Milo Takes Baths
    Charles Mingus - The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady
    Van Morrison - Astral Weeks
    Van Morrison - Veedon Fleece
    Joanna Newsom - Ys
    Popol Vuh - Hosianna Mantra
    The Velvet Underground & Nico - The Velvet Underground & Nico
  • I'll just post my top 5 cuz I know they're perfect:

    Joni Mitchell - Hejira
    Nick Drake - Bryter Layter
    The Avalanches - Since I Left You
    Stereolab - Dots & Loops
    Van Morrison - Astral Weeks
  • Robert Wyatt - Rock Bottom as well
  • here are some records i think are perfect:

    panda bear - person pitch
    of montreal - hissing fauna, are you the destroyer?
    the unicorns - WWCOHWWG?
    nas - illmatic
    portishead - dummy, third
    animal collective - MPP, sung tongs, spirit
    my bloody valentine - loveless
    burial - untrue
    boards of canada - music has the right, geogaddi
    flying lotus - los angeles, cosmogramma
    j dilla - donuts

  • @Alex They toured Bug. I believe there's a live album/DVD of their show in DC on that tour.

    I also think that was the tour where the opener was Henry Rollins interviewing the band.
  • I remember they closed off with "Sludgebeast" when jiggy and I saw them
  • Wow, I just discovered that "Just Like Heaven" wasn't on You're Living All Over Me's original release. My copy of the album includes it as the final track, and it's not some deluxe edition, so I just assumed it's always officially been the record's closing track.

    The distortion at the end of "Tarpit" to the clean, bass-heavy intro of "In a Jar" and the free-form noise of "Poledo" to the super poppy intro of "Just Like Heaven" were some of my favorite parts of the album. My whole world's been flipped upside down.

    For real, "Just Like Heaven" is a top 3 Dinosaur Jr. song, right? Can I get a witness?
  • It's a top 3 Cure song
  • I don't think I'd put it above any of their originals
    I'd say my top 3 would be Sludgebeast, They Always Come, and Watch the Corners
  • It is a top 3 Cure song
  • Also my list of perfect albums would likely be mainly concept albums, as above all else I am a lover of stories
  • @Alex I also think "Just Like Heaven" is a natural closer to that album and have pretty much always listened to the version with it despite a pretty healthy distaste for bonus tracks.
  • There's also a version that has a cover of "Show Me The Way" by Peter Frampton as the last song.

    When I saw J solo he did "Just Like Heaven" as an encore and it was rad.
  • I'm pretty sure I saw em do Just Like Heaven at least once

    @jiggy do you remember if they played that or not?
  • @existence According to, they performed "Just Like Heaven" right before "Sludgefeast."
  • that's funny, I remember them doing it at fyf the year before but I thought the encore was just Sludgebeast...I'm old
  • Who will cut our hair when were gone, hissing fauna, since I left you and ilmatic are the albums that come to mind first when i think perfect
  • edited July 2015
    I count 56 5-star albums in my rateyourmusic account.

    My top 3:

    Marillion - Brave
    Kevin Gilbert - The Shaming of the True
    Apes and Androids - Blood Moon

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