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The Rate an Artist's Discography Thread



  • Wipers were pretty damn underrated.
  • I can't rate the discography of my fav band but I could do another of my favorites..


    Herzeleid - 6.5
    Sehnsucht - 7.0
    Mutter - 8.5
    Reise, Reise - 7.0
    Rosenrot - 9.5
    Liebe ist für alle da - 9.0

    Like all lists, it can vary at different times, but not too much. I wish we would've gotten more music from them after the last album in 2009..
  • edited February 21
    Cocteau Twins (not including eps) :

    1. Treasure
    2. The Pink Opaque
    3. Heaven or Las Vegas
    4. Head Over Heels
    5. Victorialand
    6. Blue Bell Knoll
    7. Garlands
    8. Milk and Kisses
    9. Four Calendar Cafe
  • whoa. guess it’s time for me to listen to the pink opaque if it’s above HOLV
  • It’s a collection of early singles and rarities that flows like an album. It’s a personal preference. The first time I heard it, it was a copy of a copy of a cassette. The sound quality was terrible, but it blew me away.
  • I love Treasure but HOLV is top 10 of all time material
  • Yeah Heaven is number one for me, I also like Blue Bell Knoll more than you
  • i'm with robby, HOLV is perfect and among my favorites ever
  • yeah Heaven's in my top 5 of all time.

    Blue Bell Knoll is incredible, as well.
  • But keep in mind, my top 6 is all 9s and 10s
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