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The Rate an Artist's Discography Thread



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    With Pretty Hate Machine and Broken just trailng.

    1. The Downward Spiral
    2. Pretty Hate Machine
    3. Broken
    4. The Fragile
    5. Bad Witch
    6. The Slip
    7. Hesitation Marks
    8. Not The Actual Events
    9. Year Zero
    10.Add Violence
    11.With Teeth
  • Weezer because it’s on my mind:

    Pinkerton - 10/10
    Weezer [White Album] - 9/10
    Weezer [Blue Album] - 9/10
    Everything Will Be Alright in the End - 7.5/10
    Hurley - 6/10
    Weezer [Green Album] - 5/10
    Weezer [Red Album] - 5/10
    Pacific Daydream - 4/10
    Make Believe - 1/10
    Raditude - 0/10
  • Drake:

    Take Care
    Nothing Was The Same
    So Far Gone
    If You're Reading This
    Thank Me Later
    More Life
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    That’s almost correct:

    Take Care
    Nothing Was The Same
    If You’re Reading This
    Thank Me Later
    More Life
    So Far Gone
  • dude So Far Gone is way better than More Life
  • You can actually switch those, I edited a couple times and i think I made a boo boo
  • the only Drake album I've listened to front to back more than once is Take Care
  • Can we all agree Marvin's Room is a perfect song?
  • That’s a good song.
  • Marvin's Room is quite good.
  • Anybody here fans of Low? They are remarkably consistent but kinda fell into a rut with a couple of records early this decade. In 2015 though, they released Ones and Sixes which was an interesting album and a step in the right direction. They have a new album coming out in September called Double Negative that leaked 2 months early (good old Sub Pop). I’ve been listening over the past few days and ,boy, was I not expecting this. It’s an excellent record that is among their best and may end up being my favorite. I think it rivals their best album, Things We Lost in The Fire, and that’s saying something. Even if you’ve never heard a Low record before, this is a good a place to start as any. A contender for AOTY, highly recommended.


    Things We Lost In The Fire

    Double Negative

    Secret Name

    Songs For A Dead Pilot

    Drums and Guns

    Long Division

    Ones and Sixes

    I Could Live In Hope

    The Curtain Hits The Cast


    The Great Destroyer


    The Invisible Way

  • Fly sounds like some lost Kate Bush song or something, there’s weird glitches, experiments with sound that pop up throughout. Such a bold record, I’m still kinda shocked that they pulled this off 25 years into their career.
  • I could Live in Hope is a personal classic, ill peep that new stuff for sure, thanks for the heads up manny
  • I should listen to em more tho I haven’t been able to get into that many slowcore bands. I think Bedhead is the only one I’ve listened to that I really really love.
  • Low haven’t been slowcore for a long time tho.
  • The new one is pretty magical, check it for sure.
  • @Shooty and @Robby don’t go into this expecting their 90’s sound.
  • I’ve always heard them mentioned in those circles. What’s different about this sound vs their old one?
  • edited July 3
    Listen to this record or something like Drums and Guns and then you’ll know right away. There’s much more movement. Actually, despite the experimentation, Double Negative comes the closest to hitting the spots that the old sound does more than any record in quite awhile. No previous experience with Low required though.
  • Deafheaven:

    Demo - 8/10
    Roads to Judah - 8.5/10
    Sunbather - 9/10
    New Bermuda - 6/10
    Ordinary Corrupt Human Love - 8/10
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