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  • I mean, I say that, and even one of my 10's, I'm not huge on the closer.

    Stereolab's Dots & Loops, it's all 10/10 tracks, but it just ends very oddly. But I still love it, in spite of its flaws.

    Maybe that's another reason for a ten, you just feel it. I dunno, tastes are weird.

    To get back on the thread topic;

    Stereolab discog;

    Peng - 4.5/10 (haven't given much ear time, mostly because it's not that appealing, just messy noisy krautrock without much of the melodics which I expect from the 'Lab)
    Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements - 7/10 (An improvement, with some great songs here. Not all of them are up to standard, but there's a lot to love here, especially the 18 minute Jenny Ondioline, Pack Yr Romantic Mind and Our Trinitone Blast)
    Mars Audiac Quintet - 8/10 (Their first truly excellent record, all the songs are quality, fun, catchy, and kind of show Stereolab moving from their early noisy krautrock sound into the lounge pop act they became. The mix of vintage keys, Sadier's monotone yet very sweet vocals, and the ever present motorik beat are all over this record, and I could ask for anything more. It runs a little long, but most Stereolab records do, so it's expected.)
    Emperor Tomato Ketchup  - 9/10 (Often called their best, but I would place it second to their follow up. It takes the sound introduced on Mars Audiac Quintet and broadens it, experiments with it, every track on here is pretty much a quirky pop masterpiece, The new sounds they introduce, strings, funk guitar, a new array of vintage synth tones, and just stronger emphasis on everything which makes a great song. Tracks like Cybele's Reverie, Les Yper-Sound, Motoroller Scalatron are classic tracks in the Stereolab canon, and are some of the strongest of the entire decade.)
    Dots & Loops - 10/10 (This album is in my top 5 of all time, so I'm not gonna ramble on too much about it, while I could write an essay on every single track and why I love each of them. I am just going to say that they had everything right on this, nothing is extravagant, nothing is too bold or experimental, but it sounds unlike anything else. It's a mix of exotic jazz, electronic, rock, and lounge/pop music, which is unparalleled in just about all of modern music. The tracks are diverse, yet hang together so well, they range from pop rock fun of Miss Modular, to the drum n bass type beat work out of Parsec, the hip hop inspired Diagonals, and the gorgeously heartbreaking string soaked Rainbo Conversation. There isn't a single misstep here, and it's only 10 tracks, so no filler at all. It's just... amazing, really.)
    Cobra Phases Group Play Voltage In The Milky Night - 4/10 (When trying to follow up the one two smash of ETK and D&L, it could never be expected that they'd fall this flat. The problem that this record suffers from, their own ambition. The one thing they reigned in with such precision on their previous records got away from them, and ran amok, creating an overblown immensely underwhelming record. There are some great songs, but a chunk are damn near unlistenable. Blue Milk is such a misstep, and if they left it off, it could have climbed to a 6/10. Despite that, there's also a lot of underwritten and frankly lazy songs, padded with "experimental" sections which serve little to no purpose. At the very least, I can put on Infinity Girl, Op Hop Detonation or Strobo Acceleration and pretend that they're a standalone EP or something)
    Sound-Dust - 7/10 (Not bad, but relies a little too heavily on the mid-song switch up trick far too much. You'll have a great song, but instead of finishing it to its natural conclusion, it sounds like they got bored with their own creation. Some great tracks, though, like Naught More Terrific Than Man, Double Rocker, The Black Arts, and Nothing to Do With Me, which features some of the most hilarious and best lyrics in a Stereolab track.)
    Margerine Eclipse - 8.5/10 (Despite the unfortunate event of losing backup singer Mary Hansen, who's vocals were as key to the sound of the group as Laetita Sadier's,the loss of Hansen somewhat revived the group, creating their most focused work since D&L. Less of the mid-song shifts, stronger focus on hooks, and song writing. It's a really enjoyable album, and for a Stereolab album, just breaching the 50 minute mark, it's one of their shorter albums, so fairly lean by their standards.)
    Chemical Chords/Not Music - 6/10 (Neither of these albums really grabbed me, and the reason I put them together is because they're from the same recording sessions. I don't think I've even listened to Not Music in full, it just seems so lacking in any real care or craft. They even became a bit of a joke, the song titles are so Stereolab-y, it's ridiculous [Neon Beanbag, really?]. But Chemical Chords underwhelmed me so much, I just felt that checking out Not Music would be futile, and it kinda was, because they pad it out with two remixes. It seems less like an album and more of a B-Sides collection.)
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    well, what it really means is that animal collective is my favorite band. i don't think i generally hand out tens too liberally--although more liberally than some of you--but with a band i like this much, it's fairly hard not to. most of my absolute favorite artists (a list maybe 10-15 items long) have one or two tens--but some don't have any at all. i'm just particularly connected to this band, and their albums tend to resonate with me incredibly strongly.

    i typically define a 10 with fewer hard regulations. sometimes, i can define the exact listen where an album becomes a ten for me. take dj shadow's endtroducing. i'd listened to the album quite a few times without thinking it was a masterpiece. but slowly, with each new listen, the pieces clicked into place. a song i'd never particularly loved would all of a sudden reveal itself to me in its full majesty. "shit, how did I not hear this the first time?" i thought as the stop-and-start bass of "changeling" floored me. and this process would continue, song after song, each one unveiling a different, essential part of the artist's statement. once that reveal happens, it's rare that it reverses itself (i've had to demote an album or two before, and i like to consider my list of 10s in a constant state of flux--the album has to continue to impress me to keep its status). at some point, listening through the record, i realized that every song clicked into place and was filled with an overwhelming sense of satisfaction when the record ended. it had earned its 10, and each subsequent listen has only affirmed its artistic perfection in my mind.

    every time i listen to one of those five anco records, i'm impressed and delighted once again that every song has its place--but not just that. every song fleshes out the record's statement, surprising me with its new perspective, which leaves me feeling incredibly satisfied at the end of a listen. i consider many of those records' songs among my all-time favorites--extremely disproportionately so--so yes, they've earned their 10s for me.
  • Converge:

    Petitioning the Empty Sky - 7/10
    When Forever Comes Crashing - 9.5/10
    Jane Doe - 10/10
    You Fail Me - 9/10
    No Heroes - 8.5/10
    Axe to Fall - 9/10
    AWLWLB - 8.5/10
  • Jane Doe was, and still is, such an intense listen. Haven't really given them attention outside of their last and thats only because I got caught up in the hype. They were big on Sputnik, where I lurked before here and RYM.
  • I think they gave Jane Doe the top spot on their best of the decade list
  • Agalloch:

    Pale Folklore - 8.5/10
    The Mantle - 8.5/10
    Ashes Against the Grain - 9.5/10
    Marrows of the Spirit - 9/10
    Faustian Echoes - 9/10
    The Serpent & the Sphere - 7/10
  • Oh yeah, @Existence? Beating me to it XD Let's see how our lists line up here in a bit
  • Ttk what the fuck listen to spirit right now
  • If it wernt for la rapet spirit would be my favorite album ever. I still dont get the appeal of that track.
  • Anyways
    Cryptograms 5/10 (needs further investigation, last time i listened was before i really got into drone)
    Microcastle 7/10 (starts hella strong and ends hella strong, but doesnt really knock my socks off like...)
    Halcyon Digest 9.9999r/10 (production is choppy as fuck at some points, so i cant give it a perfect score, but otherwise its awsome.)
    Monomania 8.5/10 (curveball: the album)
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    Cryptograms 5/10

    What are u doing
    Get to investigatin'
  • Grouper, what i have heard

    Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill - 10/10
    AIA: Alien Observer - 9/10
    AIA: Dream Loss - 8/10
    The Man Who Died In His Boat - 7/10
    Ruins - 8/10

    she have anything else worth checking out? 
  • I liked her collab with Tiny Vapors entitled Mirrorring.
  • Way Their Crept from 2005
  • if you enjoy her sound, pretty much all of her releases have something you could take away from them
  • sufjan stevens (what i've heard enough times)

    michigan - 9/10
    seven swans - 8/10
    illinois - 10/10
    age of adz - 9/10
    carrie & lowell - 10/10
  • it's always been fascinating to me that not a lot of people consider All Delighted People to be a full length album despite the fact that it's almost an hour long. Also, I realize I'm in the minority here but I think it's one of his better releases. 
  • cuz it's an EP
  • I actually count it as a full length, and I also love it. @Kyle
  • kyle didn't you go nuts on me once for calling Exmilitary an album?
  • I don't remember doing that but I also don't not remember doing that.
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    all delighted people is great, but i haven't heard it enough times to properly rate it. it is kind of odd that it's so much material yet still branded as an EP. i also find it kind of hilarious how terrible a lot of the reviews were--i imagine they found the length of the songs indulgent and pretentious, but i dunno, it's good music so i don't see the problem

    edit: nick, i just read your dots & loops praise, and you've convinced me to give the album a listen. it's been sitting on my iphone for quite a while
  • dots and loops is (thumbs up emoji)
  • Loma Prieta:

    Last City - 9/10
    Dark Mtn - 7/10
    Life/Less - 8.5/10
    I.V. - 10/10
  • is it weird that i'm getting some sufjan stevens vibes from this? especially with regard to the interplay of male and female vocals

    thanks for the rec--this record is really nice
  • there are no male vocals on Stereolab.
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    oops. i took the leading voice as a high-pitched, sufjan-esque male. my bad. but i maintain the vibes--i wonder if sufjan is a stereolab fan at all

    edit: ok, the lead girl sounds like the lead singer of can. maybe it's just me
  • they do have a wide reaching influence,
    Deerhunter and Animal Collective are both influenced by them.
  • i knew about anco (i think i read avey tare say he liked them) but not deerhunter--cool!
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