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  • they weren't the reason I got into them, I don't even remember how I got into them. I think it was Pitchfork's best of the 90's list back in 2003.
  • dots and loops is abrasively easly listening
  • Stevie Wonder:

    Uptight 8/10
    Where I'm Coming From 9/10
    Music of My Mind 10/10
    Talking Book 10/10
    Innervisions 10/10
    Fulfillingness' First Finale 9/10
    Songs in the Key of Life 10/10
    Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants 8/10
    Hotter than July 9/10

    there's still a lot more I need to listen though
  • Manchester Orchestra:

    I'm Like A Virgin Losing A Child - 6/10
    Mean Everything To Nothing - 8/10
    Simple Math - 6.5/10
    Cope - 7/10
    Hope - 7.5/10

    I'm pretty sure on the scoring for Mean Everything and Cope/Hope, but I gotta give Simple Math and I'm Like A Virgin a few more listens to see if anything changes.
  • Jimi Hendrix
    Are You Experienced - 7.5
    Axis:Bold as Love - 8.5
    Electric Ladyland - 9
    Band of Gypsys (Live) - 8
  • Dr. Dre:

    The Chronic - 9/10
    2001 - 8.5/10
    Compton - 7.5/10
  • Poor guy, he's been on the decline for a while
  • Pink Floyd :

    - The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn : 2,5/5
    - A Saucerful Of Secrets : 3/5
    - More : 1,5/5
    - Ummagumma : 3/5
    - Atom Heart Mother : 4/5
    - Meddle : 4/5
    - Obscured By Clouds : 3,5/5
    - Dark Side Of The Moon : 5/5
    - Wish You Were Here : 5/5
    - Animals : 4,8/5
    - The Wall : 5/5
    - The Final Cut : 4/5
    - A Momentary Lapse Of Reason : 2,5/5
    - The Division Bell : 2,5/5
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    Loma Prieta:

    Our LP is Your EP - 6.5/10
    Last City - 9/10
    Dark Mtn - 7/10
    Life/Less - 8/10
    I.V. - 10/10
    Self Portrait - 8.5/10
  • rk fire

    funeral - 10
    neon bible - 8
    suburbs - 8.5
    reflektor - 7
    her - 8.5
  • I'll give this a shot. I picked a band that I have seen live more than any other (probably just by accident, though) and has a goodly number of albums: Trans Am

    Trans Am 8.5/10
    Surrender to the Night 9/10
    The Surveillance 9.5/10
    Futureworld 10/10
    Red Line 7.5/10(but weirdly one of my favorites)
    TA 6.5/10
    Liberation 7/10
    Sex Change 7/10
    Thing 6.5/10
    Volume X 8/10

    There may be misses on their discography as far as the album as a whole is concerned, but there is always a good song or two.
    And really, truly and amazingly: Always a good live show. 
  • It's PRIMUS!

    Until 1995 or so I think I would have given everything they did a 10/10. Time has made these scores a little more realistic, methinks.

    Suck on This 7.5/10
    Frizzle Fry 8.5/10
    Pork Soda 9/10 (although right when it came out I would have given it a really grew on me)
    Tales from the Punchbowl 7/10
    Brown Album 8.75/10 (my personal favorite)
    Antipop 7/10
    Green Naugehyde <5/10
    Primus and the Chocolate Factory why?/10
  • Yeah, the chocolate factory thing is not what I wanted to hear from the Tim Alexander comeback album.
  • Joni Mitchell

    Clouds: 6.5
    Ladies of The Canyon: 8
    Blue: 10
    For The Roses: 9.5
    Court and Spark: 9
    The Hissing of Summer Lawns: 10
    Hejira: 10
    Don Juan's Reckless Daughter: 7.5
    Mingus: 6.5
    Both Sides Now: 7
  • The Stooges

    The Stooges: 8 (generally fantastic, although 'we will fall' is basically an inferior version of 'the end' by the doors)
    Fun House: 10 (ferocious and completely wild, awesome from front to back)
    Raw Power: 9 (iggy pop mix > david bowie mix)
    The Weirdness: 3 (it starts out just disappointingly inoffensive, but then each track starts trying to out-do the previous one in sheer awfulness. iggy pop sounds like axl rose)
    Ready To Die: 5 (this album angers me at points, but i can't help accepting that it isn't completely repugnant)
  • they released another album after The Weirdness? yuck
  • Yep, it's weird. There are at least two slow, quiet ballads on it.
  • Deerhunter Updated

    Turn It Up, Faggot: Didn't bother, probably should one of these days

    Cryptograms: (4-6/10) I get that it's their most experimental album so as a pretentious music nerd I really should call it their best, but the drone tracks come off as a gimmick and the more conventional tracks fail to strike a chord with me, besides the epic closer of course.

    Microcastle: (7-9/10): Would be a perfect album but it hit's a slow hitch in the middle that unfortunately pulls down the insanely good tracks (Agoraphobia, Nothing Ever Happened, Never Stops, Saved By Old Times). Still excellent for a spin now a d then

    Halcyon Digest (shit/10) What a piece of garbage

    Monomania: (6-8/10) Although not their best, monomania is the most brilliant deerhunter album. It's so raw and so different and such a fuck you to everything they had going. It's a statement, and that statement is "We make music we like, not music you do" If pitchfork had not bnm'd this everyone would have hailed it as the end of their career. The end kinda falls off and the second track is weak as fuck but THM and Back to the Middle and the first track kill it, and Pensacola perfectly walks the line between novelty and replay value. Alternative score: American/10

    Fading Frontier: (7-8/10): Another fuck you, but a much more subtle one. Monomania was suppose to be a sign of things to come, but not a single track on FF could possibly be describes as raw or american. FF is once again Deerhunter pivoting, this time channeling more dream pop than alt-rock. Not as heavy as Halcyon Digest or Microcastle, but has a notable lack of "lame" songs, the only low point on the record I would call out is Duplex planet, which doesn't really do anything different or new at all. Overall very safe, but coming from monomania safety was the least safe thing deerhunter could try to pull off, and they did.
  • Why don't you like the good Deerhunter album?
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    And here is a band I cannot even listen to anymore. I ruined it for myself by overplaying it. Although with the right drugs....

    It's the Butthole Surfers!

    PeePee the Sailor/Brown Reason to Live (8.5/10)
    stand out tracks: The revenge of Anus Presley and Wichita Cathedral...Hey is good too

    Psychic, Powerless...Another Man's Sac (9.5/10)
    A lot to love here: Eye of the Chicken, Dum Dum, Cherub, Mexican Caravan....groovy good times

    Rembrandt Pussyhorse (8/10)
    Waiting For Jimmy to Kick and the very Velvet Underground: Whirling Hall of Knives stand out

    Locust Abortion Technician (8.25/10)
    It's kind of an evil album..not a very pleasant vibe from beginning to end. Especially 22 Going On 23 at the end.

    Hairway to Steven (8.9/10)
    the magnum opus, kind of a return to the groovyness of Psychic, Powerless

    pioughd (6.5/10)
    the beginning of the end. PSY is kind of fun

    Independent Worm Saloon (6.75/10)
    a long album. they are definitely departing from the old, good, mean, badness

    Electriclarryland (6/10)
    the one with the song you've probably heard

    Weird Revolution (why bother/10)

    the new Melvins album: Hold It In (7.75/10)
    it's not the BHS, but it kind-of is...and it's ok

    And is this OK @Kyle? Because I don't think I could get through today if I didn't meet your quality benchmark.
  • that formatting gave me a migraine
  • Yeah. Not how I'd intended it. Apologies.
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  • the most interesting thing which I found out from my brief research sesh on Butthole Surfers is that the lead singer is in Jim Jarmusch's Dead Man.

    That's pretty cool.
  • I always thought it was interesting, given the insanity of the music, that tbe lead singer was his fraternity president and was only a couple credits short of a masters in accounting....slight disconnect there? Or maybe it drove him crazy.
  • Doseone solo discography

    Subtitled- (6/10)
    Untitled- (8.5/10)
    Hemispheres- (9/10)
    Slowdeath- (7/10)
    Pelt- (6/10)
    Ha- (6.5/10)
    Soft Skulls- (6.75/10)
    Skeleton Represent- (7/10)
    Be Evil- (8/10)
    G is for Deep- (4/10)
    The Samurai Gunn- (6/10)
    Free Ring Tone of the Month, Vol. I- (6.5/10)
    Heavy Bullets- (5.5/10)
    Free Ring Tone of the Month, Vol. II- (6/10)
  • Guess I'll check out hemispheres
  • shooty you trolling on halcyon digest right? by shit/10, i take it you mean 11/10?
  • yeah he's trolling; he called it a masterpiece in the general music thread the other day
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