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  • you haven't listened to Love Streams?

    Harmony in Ultraviolet - 9/10
    Ravedeath, 1972 - 9.5/10
    Virgins - 9.5/10
    Love Streams - 7.5/10

    yeah, I really like Tim Hecker
  • no, i have--just not enough to confidently rate (only like two or three times)

    Unsilent Death - 9.5/10
    Abandon All Life - 9.5/10
    You Will Never Be One of Us - 9/10
  • Beastie Boys:

    License to Ill - 6.5/10
    Paul's Boutique - 10/10
    Check Your Head - 9.5/10
    Ill Communication - 9.5/10
    Hello Nasty - 9/10
    To the 5 Burroughs - 6/10 (haven't listened in well over 10 years tho)
    Hot Sauce Committee Part Two - 8/10
  • Pretty accurate from what I've listened to
  • The middle 3 are either listened-to-onces or haven't-heard-yets
  • arca

    stretch 1 - 7/10
    stretch 2 - 7/10
    &&&&& - 9/10
    xen - 7/10
    sheep - 7.5/10
    mutant - 8/10
  • @TJ oh i advise getting on em, Ill Communication has some of the Beasties' best straight hip hop tracks and some really amazing instrumental cuts (something they were always criminally underrated for) and Hello Nasty, while not quite as consistent, is still a psychedelic bombast of an album
  • That's my older brother's favorite, which I've always meant to get to
  • Ill Communication? or Hello Nasty?
  • Sry. Hello Nasty
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    Licensed To Ill through Hello Nasty is an incredible run. I really like all of them though, I'm kind of a Beastie Boys stan.
  • i like License to Ill (it was one of the first albums of any music I've ever listened to so it will always hold a place in my personal music history) but compared to their next 4 albums it kinda comes across as novelty. it's the only one of their classic albums that feels really dated to me, and I think it was wise of them to abandon the whole frat boy rap thing

    that being said "Rhymin' and Stealin'" was the first hip hop beat I ever got obsessed with, mostly because it blew my fucking mind that you could put a Led Zeppelin drum beat and a Black Sabbath guitar riff together on the same song
  • Hello Nasty has had limited revisits for me, mostly because how the record is so all over the place stylistically. I think with their new DJ/producer, they were trying to relive their Dust Brothers days, and in that it kind of comes off sounding like they're chasing Beck's sound.

    I much prefer the rough around the edges but stylistically whole Ill Communication. I loved the distortion used on their vocals, which was there even on the cleaner tracks.

    but I like Hello Nasty, and the skeletal beats 'n' rhymes feel of To the 5 Boroughs is a nice change for them, it sounds like the Beasties but it's different in a way.
  • talk talk

    the party's over - haven't heard/10
    it's my life - 7/10
    the colour of spring - 9/10
    spirit of eden - 9.5/10
    laughing stock - 9.5/10

    this band has become one of my favorites ever. such pure and beautiful music. i'm very tempted to bump those last three records up to 10s; they're just so good. if you're looking for spare, orchestral pop music with great hooks, check out the colour of spring. if you're looking for even MORE spare music that takes ambient, jazz, and rock influences and fuses them into one gorgeous proto-post-rock piece, those latter two records are for you. sincerely some of my most cherished music. mark hollis is a genius.
  • Laughing Stock is the tenniest ten that has ever tenned.
  • <3. "after the flood" is like whoa jesus, my heart every time
  • After the Flood is a spectacular song

    and Mark Hollis' solo album is also awesome. Kind of continues on the sound
  • agreed, i just got into it.
  • listening to After the Flood for the first time now
  • very jealous. let those drums envelop you
  • can confirm, track is amazing. not just the drums, but everything in this track feels enveloping
  • i'm not sure how much talk talk you've heard, but if it's none, then let this be the beginning of a great and rewarding journey
  • I am also on that Talk Talk bandwagon. A truly unique experience every time I listen to them.
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    Any other Nick Cave fans on this board? If so, I'd like to hear opinions. The top 5 are mind blowingingly good albums, and I might change my mind in the future, but I just finished revisiting his entire Bad Seeds discography.

    Your Funeral, My Trial 9.5
    Skeleton Tree 9.5
    The Boatman's Call 9.0
    Abattoir Blues/Lyre Of Orpheus 9.0
    Let Love In 9.0
    Tender Prey 8.5
    From Her To Eternity 8.5
    Murder Ballads 8.5
    Push The Sky Away 8
    Dig, Lazarus, Dig 8
    The Good Son 8
    No More Shall We Part 7.5
    Kicking Against The Pricks 7
    Firstborn is Dead 7
    Henry's Dream 6
    Nocturama 6

    I'm also pretty sure Skeleton Tree has replaced Blond for me,( it's probably dropped to a 9 for me). It just floors me. Distant Sky is SOTY and I come to tears everytime I hear it. It is so heart achingly beautiful.

  • I dig me some Nick Cave, though I've only listened to his late 80s, early 90s albums so far. He's badass in Wings of Desire.

    Tender Prey is my favorite so far.
  • Nick Cave seems like a very TJ-esque artist.
  • Lol I really do dig it. He appeals to some of my Tom Waits moods well.
  • Neurosis

    Through Silver In Blood (10)
    Times Of Grace (9.5)
    Enemy Of The Sun (9.5)
    Souls At Zero (8.5)
    Given To The Rising (8.5)
    Fires Within Fires (8.5)
    The Eye of Every Storm (8)
    A Sun That Never Sets (8)
    Honor Found in Decay (7)
    Word As Law (6.5)
    Pain Of Mind (6)
  • Eye and Sun need to be higher but otherwise good
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