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Controversial Opinions Thread: The R.E.M. Thread for sensible people who are also idiots



  • one season following another
    laden with happiness and tears
  • Are you referring to the films Nick?
  • No.

    Sunset is actually my favourite of the three.

    But I'm talking about the natural phenomena. I like sunrises more than sunsets.
    Sunrises are more refreshing, hopeful, and beautiful.

    Sunsets seem like ... someone closing a curtain. They're gorgeous in their own way, especially if you get some cloud cover and the sun paints the sky with pink and purple hues.

    But to watch light stream across a dark night sky first thing in the morning is incredible, and with the right sound track, it can make me cry.
  • I definitely prefer sunsets, I'm a night owl though and feel as though my creativity is actually handicapped during bright, sunny days. Sunsets signify the start of night life, which I personally associate with freedom in some fashion.
  • I prefer sunrise for pretty much the same reasons as Nick, they're a new beginning
    edited September 2015
    I'm a night owl too, and I do most of my living during the nights and evenings, but the sunrise is a wonderful thing to watch when you're blurry eyed from being up all night.

    The night may be freeing, a chance for ribaldry and a time to forget who you normally are but the day is, as Dom said, a new beginning
  • Sunrises are better but that's just because I see les of them. If I'm sitting somewhere watching the sunrise it means it was a good night
  • Great I'm the odd man out. When the sun rises I'm actually usually pretty pissed at it.

  • Im with des. The anticipation of a sunset >
  • i am with des as well. the sight of the rising sun brings anger and sadness for me--the night is over, and i will definitely be tired tomorrow
  • I am very rarely up until sunrise so I don't think of it as the end of a great night but the start of a new day. I am a very much an early night and early morning type of person.
  • Fuck the sun fuck its kind daylight sucks wast of mine
  • i myself am a good big fan of the life-giving sky orb, and i like when it appears
  • edited September 2015
    i like both equally. i have fond experiences as the sun embarks into the star ocean as well as its arrival on these shores. ahoy ahoy life giving orb indeed, mother of all that breaths within this land of life, the pumping star ocean pumps of life, a castaway, the goddess sun.
  • Aye aye captain!
  • ..... who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
    edited December 2015
    diggin this one up cuz fuck the other controversial opinions thread;

    here's my new one - I was talking to someone about Tarantino's work the other day, and they said that they had felt like they had grown out of it.

    I then put across the idea (on a whim) that Tarantino is more or less the Michael Bay of the arthouse world.
    Not in the sense of his films being painfully obnoxious and loud, but that he is a purveyor of our equivalent of pop corn cinema. His affinity for the pulp in cinema is fairly obvious, and he doesn't hide his appreciation of exploitation and genre cinema.

    Tarantino's work is much more refined and measured than Bay's work, but I feel that they probably (it's been a while since I've seen anything by Mr. Bay) both go for the gut with their films.
    Like Tarantino is a master of pulpy dialogue, quirky characters, clever cinematography, and multi layered stories which reward multiple viewings, but it never feels that deep or indecipherable. He never gets on the level of Kurosawa, Fellini, or even contemporaries like PTA.
    They're head candy, but not head food. Not good for you, but taste oh so good when in the cinema.
  • ive felt similarly about him too
  • do you think Tarantino himself would look down upon that idea, though?
  • fuck the haters, yeezus is still astonishingly good two years on. for me, it's the best production on a hip hop record since madvillainy. edges out mbdtf by a hair
  • i seriously think so. i gave it a full listen today, and it was such a joy to hear every little production element in its perfect place. i won't really talk about the lyrics, but the production is out of this world
  • whew, glad everyone else agrees. was worried it would actually be controversial for a sec
  • oh don't get too excited I was just being nice and butting out
  • I don't think yeezus is better than mbdtf but I do think it's awesome
  • I hate them both. I'm just not a kanye guy.
  • It's not really much to discuss though, it's just like I don't like Yeezus, you do, end of discussion.
  • Yo fuck yeezus
  • The Force Awakens is the 2nd best Star Wars movie.
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