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Controversial Opinions Thread: The R.E.M. Thread for sensible people who are also idiots



  • that's probably my main issue with a lot of vaporwave, the repetition.

    They feel they can simply get by on aesthetic alone. It might be nice sitting in the background with the repetitious nature, but I like music which grabs me and does something.

    I enjoy Floral Shoppe, but I also notice that it has some glaring flaws. But I think it's a strong release nonetheless.
    The stuff released under the Vektroid name is better, and I also quite enjoy Far Side Virtual (if that is considered vape at all)
  • Far Side Virtual is my favorite vaporwave album ever
  • nick, are you not an illmatic fan?

    @florian: kanye's personality is far from awful--in fact, it's fascinating and perfectly suited for the biggest "rock star" in the world. how is kanye any different from the leagues of pompous musical figures in the past? because he's not always extremely eloquent? because he's black? kanye doesn't do drugs; he's dedicated to his wife and child; he's critical of paparazzi and other media ills; and he's passionate about his art. i don't know if i'll ever understand people who actually *hate* kanye west--there are so many others more deserving of that emotion
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    Far Side Virtual is a lot better than these other albums we mentioned for me, but honestly I feel like it's more comparable to an official Oneohtrix Point Never album (and those aren't considered vaporwave really) than EccoJams
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    I like Illmatic, I'm just mostly indifferent.

    I've always been drawn to De La, Tribe, Wu Tang much more and less to Nas' work.

    It's definitely a great album, but I haven't really given it all that much eartime. I think I listened first time a few years ago and was like "Yeah this is pretty cool" and haven't touched it since.

    I'm not gonna say anything on a topic that I don't feel I can actually argue an opinion on, so.... yeah.
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    imo it deserves more than one listen. maybe it doesn't quite fit your preferred hip hop niche, but the lyrics alone are worth your time.

    (and on the topic, you should try out gkmc sometime; i think you'd be pleasantly surprised, as the more commercial singles you didn't like fit a lot better in context)
  • I probably does though, it's great beats and jazz samples. The stuff I dig, but it's just kind of sat in my computer for a while.
  • "Illmatic" is not awful, but i don't really like it. I prefer "It Takes A Nation Of Millions...", "Fear Of A Black Planet", "Licensed To Ill" or "36 Chambers". For Kanye, it's just because he is so arrogant... When he says "I'm the greatest musical genius, blah blah blah" it's just so annoying !
  • i was initially drawn to illmatic because it's such a brief statement. 40 minutes, ten amazing tracks, and that's it. so lean compared to the drawn-out indulgence of a lot of 90s hip hop records (even the best of which probably could use some trimming)--and nas doesn't waste a second
  • @florian: do you like the beatles? i imagine you do, given your taste for paul mccartney's solo work. john lennon famously said they were bigger than jesus. that's not just claiming they're the biggest band ever--it's claiming they're the biggest cultural anything ever. he also beat his wife and ignored his child. but hey, he's clever and likable and makes amazing music, so all is forgiven!

    don't get me wrong--i love the beatles. but i don't think you can in good conscience hate kanye for being arrogant and not recognize the same arrogance (or worse) in other artists you love
  • John Lennon is the first person who comes in my mind when someone asks me "is there an artist that you hate as a person but love as a musician ?". I never loved Lennon as a person, but I love his music. I said before that I didn't know Kanye's personnality when I've listened to his albums. There's also Roger Waters. I don't really like him as a person, but musically, he is awesome.
  • the vast majority of old rock stars we idolize were completely awful people, Chuck Berry is one of the most important musicians ever and that was one seedy motherfucker
  • Listen to Koyaanisqatsi : a minimalist but wonderful piece of art, one of my favorite album ever
    Listen to Moondog : it was a torture to listen to it in its entirety.
  • No, I just thought it was reallly tedious.
  • And another (maybe) controversial opinion :
    Carrie & Lowell > Illinois
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    you mean the soundtrack to the film Koyaanisqatsi?

    and I agree with you on that last opinion.
  • Koyaanisqatsi is something I should probably love but I really couldn't sit through it for more than 20 minutes. another time probably
  • Yeah, I mean the soundtrack for Koyaanisqatsi. Awesome. It can be difficult, but when you're in.... 
  • Did Lennon really beat his wife? That makes him kind of a hypocrite on his whole peace movement.
  • I thought it was really fantastic.

    I dunno if it's difficult, you just need to know what you're in for. 
  • @Kyle yea it's pretty well known he beat multiple women
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    i don't think it makes him a hypocrite. as far as i know, the peace stuff happened after he publicly admitted his past wrongdoings and did his best to make amends--and from the stuff i read, he seems legitimately broken up about his past. by the time he was deep into promoting peace, i like to think he was a changed man

    in that sense, he's a very human public figure. he was very flawed but ultimately became a positive force
  • alter ego is the best song on innerspeaker. dunno if this is controversial, but it had to be said. 
  • I'd probably agree with that.

    either that or Runway, Houses, City, Clouds.
  • co: drake is shitty as fuck 
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    i don't have a lot of controversial opinions that's my main one 
  • I'm gon agree.
  • drake is great, especially this year
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    @nick that one's a great choice. my top 3 are alter ego, runway houses, and it's not meant to be
  • fk it

    innerspeaker ranked;

    1. Alter Ego
    2. Runway, Houses, City, Clouds
    3. The Bold Arrow of Time
    4. Lucidity
    5. Island Walking (Not actually on my CD version of the album, but it's on my downloaded version so boop)
    6. Expectation
    7. It is Not Meant to Be
    8. Desire Be, Desire Go
    9. I Don't Really Mind
    10. Solitude is Bliss
    11. Why Don't You Make Up Your Mind
    12. Jeremy's Storm
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