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Controversial Opinions Thread: The R.E.M. Thread for sensible people who are also idiots



  • I've heard Lil Pump and someone else refer to themselves as the first punk rappers... When records like Flockaveli exist even in the post aughts era of rap.
  • good news about punk is that u can't get a degree in it.
  • is dad rap a thing yet
  • ^o^
    if you meander into a classroom that's teaching punk, burn it down; receive an A!
  • Flockavelli is super dope I think lil pump was 9 when it dropped tho
  • In the Hall of the Mountain King is basically an edm song
  • i don't think i have the patience for funeral doom metal
  • it is total bullshit that James Franco got an acting award for "The Room" remake over Daniel Kaluuya in "Get Out"
  • Definitely
  • I haven't seen disaster artist but the trailers make it look terrible
  • So I guess I need to revise my definitely to a "most likely"
  • tbh I wanna see The Disaster Artist really badly,

    Mostly because I think The Room is awesome, and I've heard comparisons to Ed Wood which is a fantastic and hugely underrated film (at least in the wider populous)
  • I posted this in the Hip Hop thread, but I think it fits here as well. I've been repping my dudes for so many years, and I'm tired of seeing them be ignored because of stupid fucking ICP.. They're a TOTALLY different sound..

    Just thought I'd let all of y'all know you're missing out on Twiztid. People don't give them a chance because they used to be affiliated with ICP. They've been doing their own thing since 2012 when they left Psychopathic Records. They started their own label called Majik Ninja Entertainment. They're killing it and most of y'all don't even realize it. Check out "Abominationz" by Twiztid.. it's the last album they put out on Psychopathic Records. Their last CD is awesome as well. It's their most ambitious record so far. They will forever and always be my favorite band, artists, whatever.. They're really cool dudes who keep it real and stay connected with their fans. They've evolved so much throughout their 20+ years in the game, but always stayed true to who they are. Kings if the Wicked Shit!!

    Just needed to get that off my chest.. I've been really wanting to message Anthony about them, and get his opinion after really giving them a listen. I don't know how or where to do that though. Any help?
  • Chewing gum is a really gross habit
  • I find it as viscerally repulsive as I imagine some people find cigarettes
  • It's the sound mostly, and I've never met anyone who chews gum silently
  • really? I normally have gum in my mouth. Especially at work.
    I normally chew it enough to just keep it at the top of my mouth so I don't obnoxiously chew it like a cow chewing cud or whatever.

    It also gives me something to focus on if I get anxious or stressed.
  • edited January 25
    Desire > satisfaction
  • usually ya
  • that's why we can be nostalgic for things that were shit while they happened
  • yung lean was ahead of his time, probably more influential than people give him credit for
  • ill give him credit for the "sad boy rap" aesthetic but other than that
  • i do believe he is/was? influential but ahead of its time is a stretch for me. i'd put chief keef and rocky before lean
  • Lil B birthed Lean. Lil B has a much greater influence on modern rap music. Rocky was just a SGP and Three 6 Mafia ripoff artist, not influential at all as a rapper, but more as a fashion icon.
  • I agree with lil b being mad influential especially in terms of production choices
  • yeah the big hype with asap was about what he was wearing at least in nyc.
  • i miss the days when based god was the mask of internet jokes. lil b is definitely a huge influence.
  • but b being influential doesn't mean lean wasn't. i feel like there's no malone or like uzi vert with lean
  • aint nobody say that famalan
  • who wore it better the son the father or the holy spirit?
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