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Controversial Opinions Thread: The R.E.M. Thread for sensible people who are also idiots



  • I never listened to MCR back in the day, is Black Parade good beyond nostalgic value?
  • Eh black parade is fine but their first two records (especially the first) are much better
  • It’s not utter garbage like the final record they put out, danger days or whatever
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    let me add an addendum to that comment on Black Parade: on further relisten, it’s awesome
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    I have what I suspect will be the opinion I get the least amount of support on:

    White Album > Blue Album
  • Hahahahahahahahahahahshshs
  • I can hear Kyle guffaw from the grave as we speak.
  • Blue Album has a few weak spots that I don’t think most people acknowledge. Meanwhile, White Album is one of the most underrated rock records of the last few years, and honestly one of the best. Nearly every track is a gem. It’s the Weezer album I go back to most frequently these days, and I love it more and more every time. In a lot of ways it’s the album of theirs I’ve been waiting for. (And yeah they put out another crap ass album last year but shut up.)

    and c’mon it’s an insult to his memory to forget that Kyle had his own share of completely batshit insane opinions lol
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    I dig it. I don't agree, but I'm not too far off.
  • At first I read Robby’s comment as comparing the Beatles “White Album” to the Blue Album by Weezer. Was pretty confused by Manatee’s reaction lol

    Comparing those two albums I mentioned above, I’d have to still give it to the White Album
  • No I meant Weezer’s white album
  • I think Blue Album is my favorite Weezer album, like it even more than Pinkerton. But I also like Green more than most, so maybe I'm not the best judge of WEezer quality.
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    Nah, you’re right. Blue Album is best Weezer.
  • Green is whack “Hash Pipe” was the dumbest song they ever did until Make Believe
  • The Black Album is supposed to be coming this year, but I’m not too optimistic after Pacific Daydream.
  • Me neither, but at this point Rivers has at least shown that he can still produce a top quality Weezer album if he really works on it and doesn’t try too hard to get on the radio. It’s just that very often he loses sight. Him and Kanye are the least consistent people in music, in the sense that one album can be trash and the next can be a masterpiece.
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    Isn't Kanye famous for being consistent? "Ye" was the man's first true miss in my opinion and I think that's really due to mental illness that he's suffering from, but he immediately followed that up with Kids See Ghosts which is at minimum a 7/10. Production on Teyana Taylor was great, as well as Pusha T.

    TLOP may have been unfocused, and is an album where I differ from a lot of folks by considering it near the top of his discography (seriously the back half of that album is stacked, Real Friends, No More parties In LA, Wolves, FML, 30 Hours, Fade).
  • The fact that he followed up ye with Kids See Ghost is exactly my point. I’ve already written like a million words on TLOP but as much as I like it, it’s absurdly inconsistent and still flows pretty badly, especially in the first half.
  • yeah, i think ye is pretty famously consistent. these last few years are an aberration consistency-wise; he was super consistent for a decade, at least
  • We’re 8 years into this decade homie, Kanye’s reputation no longer involves consistency lol
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    If he was well known for being consistent these days then why have these Wyoming albums been so uneven? (Granted part of that can be blamed on Nas phoning it in on his album but still)
  • a guy has a run of like 7 straight good to amazing albums over 11 years, then releases a few inconsistent ones over 3 =/= my definition of prototypical inconsistency. if he’s fallen off a bit, he’s followed the trajectory of like most good artists. but his run of greatness was long enough that calling him as inconsistent as rivers cuomo is pretty silly to me. but it might look a bit different for you since you didn’t like yeezus too much
  • “these days” is a pretty hefty addendum, surely - must an artist maintain consistency their entire career lest they be labelled a prime example of an inconsistent artist? let me reiterate - kanye was ridiculously consistent for *over a decade*; a few poor releases after that does not reverse his overall reputation
  • ok i guess. I don’t really feel like arguing about kanye anymore tbh because ive already had way too much of my year occupied by those arguments. It was just a stray comment in a post about Weezer, I didn’t think it’d be that disagreeable. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • fair. i’ll go listen to white album a few times along with blue, haven’t listened to either enough... and get back to you. quite like pinkerton, but i’ll see how each measures up
  • just don’t listen to Raditude.
  • or Make Believe.
  • or Pacific Daydream
  • or Green Album
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