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Controversial Opinions Thread: The R.E.M. Thread for sensible people who are also idiots



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    Emergency & I is objectively the best indie rock album ever made, is my controversial opinion.

    Also Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind is a clear adaption of the lyrics from "Memory Machine".

    Although to my current drunk self, not very controversial at all.
  • I love Emergency & I but it's probably my 3rd favorite D-Plan album because I'm a lunatic.
  • 1. The Dismemberment Plan is Terrified (9.5/10)
    2. Change (9/10)
    3. Emergency & I (9/10)
    4. ! (7/10)
    5. Uncanney Valley (6/10)
  • You're a bloody madman!

    Although Change & Is Terrified are definitely phenomenal. The Ice Of Boston, Ellen & Ben, Sentimental Man and Face of the Earth are all GOAT.

  • Change is def my favorite, Face of the Earth alone is a 10/10 song
  • i'd rather not hear music than hear music most of the time
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    ppl who are super into music become abusive dictators when u give them the aux cable
  • ^
    the truest
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    no disrespect to music but its not natural to have it fill the ambient noise world of RL 24/7
  • human symbol systems in general give me a sad headache
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    we're never going to move past this frustrated world of syntax and typing and it's depressing a bit
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    anyways thats unrelated to music. good music is rare because of bad music, or the institution of bad music
  • I listen to way more podcasts than music these days.
  • ever play a song u love for somebody and you can tell the entire time that they just want to put on their song
  • its that kind of environment that creates really horrible culture
  • i learned the hard way that not a lot of my closest friends jive with me musically. i had to defend being a drake fan...that might be the most pathetic sentence i've ever said and that's saying something
  • edited September 2015
    drakes got love all over nyc. its crazy there's places that drake isnt played on ur local bangin hip hop and rnb radio music station (that i wake up to every morning (((( cuz im up right now. cuz im up right now)))))))))
  • then there's that, i be in the kitchen gettin wdrsfdds with my baby ahhh
  • i feel like every day is groundhog day but ive never even thought about changing my hit music radio alarm clock station
  • even though this is by Maddox, one of the internet's most well known trolls, I actually agree with a lot of this;

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    His opinion is reductionist bullshit from someone that probably doesn't play a lot of games. The fact that he goes after The Last of Us for in-game banter when some of the most meaningful character development occurs there is a real shame. You're playing as fucking people, and people tend to talk in the moments they're not being chased by zombies or soldiers who want to murder them. Why he would prefer his characters to be silent in the lulls of action are beyond me. 
  • his opinion is basically "waaaaah why aren't things like they used to be!" 
  • because they're fucking better, asshole.
  • His videos are so bad, he became irrelevant the day he stopped focusing on his writing
  • this guy is about as entertaining and insightful as Shane Dawson is funny
    edited September 2015
    well obviously I'm not a gamer any more, so y'know, it's just not for me.
    I see modern video games as a lot of grey coloured shooters, and way too many zombies.
    My favourite video game is summarised as "Yoshi takes baby Mario back to his parents."
    Or even "Link stops the Twilight Realm from corrupting Hyrule."

    Call me old, but I'm just kinda pissed that I recently heard some people in my dorm saying that "video games are the new movies".
    I don't feel immersed when playing video games, but once again, old man syndrome.
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    I'm not a gamer either but even looking from the outside modern gaming is so so so much more than shooters and zombies
    edited September 2015
    I of course realise this,

    like how there's much more to music than what's on the radio or there's much more to cinema than what's on at the blockbuster theatre.

    But I feel that if I were to get a new gen console, I'd be having trouble filling a library of stuff which I'd be really interested in.
    I think I'd just get the latest GTA and play that. It's probably the only recent game series that I've enjoyed playing.
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    secret: The Last of Us is the best zombie movie ever.

    That being said, gaming has proven that it's capable of telling compelling stories time and time again. If people want to have a reductionist attitude towards them doing it that's honestly on them but they sound like people complaining about Elvis' hips.
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