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Controversial Opinions Thread: The R.E.M. Thread for sensible people who are also idiots



  • Potentially controversial take, at least for cinephilia:

    Johnny Guitar is probably my favorite western. (Speaking as someone that’s no expert on westerns, obviously.) It’s just so perversely fun, and yeah it’s probably a terrible representation of the genre but I saw it back in January and it’s been on my mind consistently since.
  • The Searchers is mine
  • I liked "The Searchers", too. I thought the show "Godless" was pretty good, but I think my favorite western is
    "Two Mules for Sister Sara"
  • also gotta give shout outs to Car Thief and Root Down for the Beastie's convo.

    in terms of westerns, I remember Man Who Shot Liberty Valance being quite good, and of course The Searchers.
    Also Blazing Saddles, and Dead Man.

    I should see El Topo and Good Bad and the Ugly before I really say anything though.
  • I recognize the significance of the Melvins and am very aware of the fact that many of my favorite bands of all time would never have existed were it not for them. That being said I only enjoy like 2 of their albums and generally I find them annoying. Buzz’s voice is always what got on my nerves I think.
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