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Controversial Opinions Thread: The R.E.M. Thread for sensible people who are also idiots



  • Potentially controversial take, at least for cinephilia:

    Johnny Guitar is probably my favorite western. (Speaking as someone that’s no expert on westerns, obviously.) It’s just so perversely fun, and yeah it’s probably a terrible representation of the genre but I saw it back in January and it’s been on my mind consistently since.
  • The Searchers is mine
  • I liked "The Searchers", too. I thought the show "Godless" was pretty good, but I think my favorite western is
    "Two Mules for Sister Sara"
  • also gotta give shout outs to Car Thief and Root Down for the Beastie's convo.

    in terms of westerns, I remember Man Who Shot Liberty Valance being quite good, and of course The Searchers.
    Also Blazing Saddles, and Dead Man.

    I should see El Topo and Good Bad and the Ugly before I really say anything though.
  • I recognize the significance of the Melvins and am very aware of the fact that many of my favorite bands of all time would never have existed were it not for them. That being said I only enjoy like 2 of their albums and generally I find them annoying. Buzz’s voice is always what got on my nerves I think.
  • Disturbed isn't that bad.

    Believe is still listenable and has some good passages in it.
  • That’s pretty controversial
  • Yes, I watched Anthony's video about nu metal today.
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    i did, too.
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    i listened to one of Staind's albums and played it at my 18th birthday party. in my unfinished basement bedroom w/ friends. Oh, i'm wrong - it was Disturbed - cuz they're the one who had "stupify". I listened to that album. "The Sickness" i mem'bers
  • there's some nu/alt metal I will defend, but absolutely fucking not Disturbed you are out of your mind good sir
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    @Robby It must needs be remarked that I am to remain in disagreement with you, good sir, and I bid you good day
  • The production of their drums and bass is also really good
  • what's next then, Godsmack apologism? How much farther are you willing to go before you admit you have a problem??
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    I didn't say Disturbed was great or anything, just that they're not as abysmal as you're implying.
  • yama I think it's time for you to go to nu metal rehab
  • idk maybe
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    @Robby I'll go to nu metal rehab as soon as you go to Morbid Angel Fandom Indoctrination Camp
  • Look I don’t like the Melvins either (as referenced above) so that’s not gonna work out
  • The Woods is the best indie rock album of the 2000s. (Yes moreso than Funeral, Is This It, etc.)
  • Not better than the best Anco albums, no it ain’t
  • Nor is it better than Funeral, but It’s def better than Is This it.
  • It’s a great record tho, don’t get me wrong
  • turn on the bright lights is my fav
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    I don’t consider any of AnCo’s albums indie rock, but even if those were included I’d still say The Woods is better than most of even their best albums except maybe MPP. The Woods just speaks way more to my evolving taste than an album like Funeral, which I loved for many years and still probably do but I don’t get any viscera out of it. I guess I need some oomph in my music these days?

    Although my choice for #2 indie rock album of that decade would be Transatlanticism which I still stan for after over 10 years of listening, so maybe not necessarily.
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    I'd probably go with Broken Social Scene's You Forgot It In People or No Cities by The Dears. Microcastles is also my shit.
  • YFIIP is definitely up there for me
  • yeah yfiip #2 for me
  • YFIIP is good, but i'm Broken Social Scene, self-titled is better AND "We Have All the Facts and We're voting Yes" is better.
  • yeah, i wouldn't really classify AC in the same vein as those other records mentioned, except perhaps strawberry jam (though i still find it a lot poppier than said records). even feels has so much impressionistic, atmospheric stuff (practically half the record) that the rockier moments aren't really enough to place it in the same category as something like TOTBL imo. they're a bit of an anomaly, i'd say.

    ashamed to say i've only heard the woods like once and it was a while ago. so i'll give 'er another close listen soon. my personal straight-up indie rock top 10 of the '00s goes roughly like this:

    1. You Forgot It In People
    2. And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out
    3. The Moon and Antarctica
    4. Funeral
    5. Turn on the Bright Lights
    6. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
    7. Leaves Turn Inside You
    8. Is This It
    9. Building Nothing Out of Something
    10. Microcastle

    kind of basic, but fuck, these ten records are *amazing*. such a great decade imo.
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