• Obscura>Colored Sands>Erosion Of Sanity>Considered Dead>From Wisdom To Hate
  • Colored Sands is weird from a production standpoint now that i go back to it. nevertheless i would also put Obscura above it
  • obscura's production is a complete fuckin anomaly in the history of heavy production.
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    elaborate ocamlmas
  • the double bass basssss thumps like slack wire but not sound triggered / had heaviness of drum machine but was real drums
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    preceeded popularized usage of drum machines in studio death metal but metalman's bass dream guided by popular electronics and rap beats matched with commitment to technical passions
  • maybe im just in the mood for it but oh boy the new Cattle Decapitation is really impressing me so far
  • It's really good
  • I'm gonna check out the two records before this when I'm done as well.
  • Travis Ryan is a fucking beast, seriously can't think of another modern death metal vocalist i love as much as that guy
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    Yeah he's killer, he has a wide range. He kinda does this classic metal style along with the deep growls and screechy black style as well. He's great. It's all him doing vocals, right?
  • to my knowledge yeah. I've seen them a few times and he does all of it
  • Holy shit that's impressive
  • Manatee's list is probably what my order is too, they've had a consistently stellar discography over the years. I prefer to hear Colored Sands in Winamp with the Rock Equalizer preset turned on, and yeah I agree with everything said about its production. Don't let colin marston do the production this time!
  • Also, just discovered dead congregation because i try stay at least 7 years behind what the cool metal kids are listening to. Really solid stuff, love the atmosphere they let seep in.
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    yeah new cattle decap is really good. Seeing "Pacific Grim" in the tracklist made me chuckle.
  • Have a friend who's really into Cattle Decap. I may check them out because so far this year I have been really unimpressed with metal aside from the new Leviathan and A Forest of Stars albums
  • me too actually, Cattle, Leviathan, Sumac and Xibalba was kinda it for me
  • what's everyone's favorite entombed album. I like left hand path
  • what's everyone's favorite bathory album. I like the debut.
  • Akhlys, Imperial Triumphant, Sulphur Aeon, Misþyrming and Abyssal all put out amazing stuff this year as well.
  • left hand path is my favorite entombed. never heard of bathory, i'll check them out.
  • Left Hand Path is the only one i've heard
  • If you like Left Hand Path you'll like Clandestine. Everything else past that is pretty shitty. I guess Wolverine Blues is ok.
  • I think wolverine blues is really neat
  • might listen to some of that Entombed at work today you metal monsters
  • Hmmm, I might revisit Wolverine Blues at work today as well.
  • WB is such a good concept for an album, with really tight production it might be t r a n s c e n d e n t. it beats the fuck down. so many current hardcore bands ape the shit out of it
  • Entombed is maybe the most ripped off band in hardcore right now especially when it comes to the Southern Lord brand and shit like that
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