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  • 2me4spooky
  • @ManateeMaster did you listen to too much Inquisition?
  • I love me some Inquisition
  • All black metal vocalists should sound like frogs.
  • the Wormed vocalist already does lol
  • i want to portal now
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    @Ocaml were there supposed to be words there?
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    These guys absolutely nail why I'm no longer a fan of prog metal bands like Dream Theater and BTBAM. I was blown away (and still am) by the skill and virtuosity with which these guys play their instruments, but their songs are structured like a collection of transitions. They don't really coherently develop a musical idea before moving onto the next one. Like Lost In Vegas said, it sounds like one of those compilations you hear on the radio, or a band battle where the goal is to win a trophy, not to compose a good sounding song.

    Sorry, @ManateeMaster, I know you love this album, but I think Death's The Sound of Perseverance somewhat falls into this category as well, but not as egregiously as those other aforementioned bands.

    I think albums like Atheist's Unquestionable Presence actually achieved what DT were trying to do. Atheist understood how to cleverly evolve riffs, while still keeping a song's identity along the way. It feels like they were hinting at where they were going with the idea before they ever got there, like a storyteller foreshadowing a twist later on in the plot.

    Sorry this got long winded. Go check out Lost In Vegas if you haven't yet.
  • no no no no no I will take no shitting on Sound of Perseverance in my house
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    To be clear, I still like Sound of Perseverance. It's probably a strong 7 or light 8 in my mind, but I don't think it's perfect.
  • Symbolic is, though
  • yeah pretty much
  • my only experience with Dream Theater in any respect is my first college roommate was obsessed with them and incessantly played A Dramatic Turn of Events (at that time their new album) so motherfucking often that it now might be my least favorite album ever recorded. It's that fucking bad. (Also fun fact: this dude, my old roommate, now works for a Republican U.S. representative, so loving Dream Theater is only the second worst thing about him I guess.)
  • damn good portal record
  • It leaked?
  • its on the youtube. peep yama's link
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    @robby It leaked. Yama also planted it in our asses
  • i'm surprised the yt link still works
  • alas it is gone
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    the riffs in this are awesome. but i have a question: do you think this is monotonous? some people seem to say that the intensity never varies, but i kind of disagree. The intensity and melodic dissonance of the riffs increase in intensity. The track starts at an incredible gusto, it still feels like it grows a bit. Not by a lot, but it's there.

  • lemme know how it is
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    @Robby well Qwery100 rated it 0.5, so you know it's good
  • who the fuck is that
  • This obnoxious contrarian that writes stuff on rym.
  • Bruh you’re describing at least half of rym’s userbase
  • Sad but true
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