• I'm normally a fan of At the Gates, and a couple other bands I guess.
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    Yeah me too, I'm not super into it but I like a few bands. I know in my brain Jari is a pretentious, selfish asshole, but I love that first Wintersun album despite its (minor and inconsequential) flaws. Winter Bestowed is also awesome.
  • I loved that Wintersun album 10 or so years ago, I go back to it every now and then though I have no interest in new material tbh
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    Oh the new stuff is way too over produced. He actually had an inkling of restraint in the song writing on that first record, but that's gone. He wanted to create the metal symphony of the universe or some shit, and it just sounds like a colossal smudge, and not the good kind.
  • decided to listen to a lot of early sludge today (coincidentally on 4/20) and found some gems

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    Buzzoven. You da real mvp Robby
  • But actually all the stuff you posted is good shit
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    I also got around to listening to Acid Bath, specifically When the Kite String Pops. I know they're held in high regard in sludge metal (at least according to sites like RYM or whatever) but I don't really like this band, they kinda strike me as the Godsmack of this genre (along with Down who I never liked). The clean vocals in particular are cringe.
  • Actually someone on rym said "my favorite slipknot album" and now I can't unthink that comparison. They really feel a lot more like that kind of metal to me than sludge.
  • TBH I love how Deafheaven does the shoegazey "look at how fucking pretty this is" shit, it helps me as a normie get into it because it's not just a constant onslaught
  • But I can see how it's annoying as someone who really participates in that genre that something gets accolades just for being more accessible while the critical pantheon would never apply that standard to any other genre of music
  • But I'm definitely one of those people who listens to Pallbearer, Deafheaven, Wolves in the Throne Room and Mastodon mainly as my modern metal canon.. it's not for a lack of trying though.
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    I mostly like the song itself but I'm just kinda over them shoehorning standard post-rock stuff into their tracks. It's not nearly as bad on "Honeycomb" as it was on most songs on New Bermuda, so I'm ultimately looking forward to the album.
  • @robby you shut your stupid whore mouth about Acid Bath. Slipknot? Cmon mang
  • Corey Taylor 100% took his vocal style from Acid Bath bruh. The cheesy ass acoustic ballads also. And the edgy lyrics and the fuckin clown shit. Bruh this is proto-Slipknot all the way and even if it weren’t it’s still such a brodown
  • You’re killing me inside.
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    I knew this take wasn't going to be popular lol
  • You might like Pagan Terrorism Tactics better.
  • What the fuck, new Judas Priest album is seriously some great shit

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    I haven't listened to a single thing they've put out since Painkiller, so I assumed they got all stiff and haggard like Iron Maiden has. Not here, even Rob Halford's still killing it.
  • yeah man, Firepower's great!
  • unfortunately that stuff's a little too much for me, if you get me?

    It's got a certain feel that I can't really get into.
  • Too theatrical/campy?
  • I didn't want to say, but yeah
  • It’s not always my thing in terms of metal styles, and there are even Priest records that I don’t like at all (British Steel). But fuck man, Painkiller is an all time classic

  • (Side note: if someone ever asked me what my favorite opening track for an album was, this would likely be it.)
  • I grew up on prog metal like symphony x and dream theater and screamo/metalcore, so i feel like i'm inoculated against too much cheese in metal

    i mean, one of my favorite albums has THIS COVER

  • Exhibit A on Why Robby Tends Not To Like Power Metal
  • i don't know what I enjoy more,

    the font or the tornados
  • wizard cape guy is my fav
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