• The tornadoes
  • @colony he can hit those magic high notes too!
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    @Robby have you tried Galneryus?

    EDIT: Wait no the live version must be seen by all

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    Also, this. THE HAIR IS GLORIOUS!!

    Maybe we should have a Japanese music thread. Would anyone besides me be interested in that?
  • I’m not uninterested!
  • Alhambra are also great

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    I'm purposely picking really long songs, they're not usually >10 minutes...but it is progressive power metal so it's not uncommon
  • p4k has an article which talks about newly released stoner metal records, and this caught my ear;

    I like it!
  • hey look guys he's totally wrong about another metal record

  • i like that cal's back though
  • I get not liking the folk side (which is where my real issues with the album come in) but calling the first side “generic godspeed you black metal” is patently ridiculous. It’s not Panopticon’s best record but it’s not a 4/10, jesus christ.
  • didn't watch it, as soon as i saw the red flannel i knew something was wrong
  • It’s frustrating because I agree with him on Austin’s singing (which is my main issue with the second disc) but think he’s mostly wrong on the album as a whole.

    Ah well. At least he didn’t fuck up the Sleep review.

    yep, most anticipated record of the year at this point.
  • the cleans kind of sound like Mastodon. I'm not on the hype train just yet, but I'll check out the full length when it's out
  • If only Mastodon were still capable of putting out something this heavy.
  • agreed
  • Yob leaked, but in 128. I’ll wait.
  • Not worth it, you need full quality for them riffs
  • New Immortal

  • Eh. Immortal without Abbath just seems kinda silly at this point.
  • Its nice to see Demonaz can apparently play guitar again tho!
  • I know y'all are gonna laugh at me for saying this but I just listened to Autumn Eternal for the first time and fuuuuuuuuck that was amazing
  • I suck at metal I'll admin it lol
  • Don't judge me
  • Too hard
  • I’m so proud :’)

    My favorite Panopticon album and my favorite metal record of the decade at this point.
  • Which album?
  • Autumn Eternal
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