• Oh gotcha, misread the first time
  • @toon_malk no gatekeeping from me \m/
  • Me neither, I love seeing people try out metal records and always try to be encouraging
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    @toon_malk mind if i offer a follow-up suggestion? Batushka has a fantastic black metal album that mixes in Christian Liturgical Chanting, it's pretty amazing (especially track 2, holy shit)

  • This also incorporates folk really well into black metal:

    Some other recommendations:

  • in terms of intros to black metal I actually think Immortal's Sons of Northern Darkness is a pretty perfect fit, it was actually the album that got me into black metal and it's still one of my all time favorite albums in this genre

  • and yeah cover is super cheesy lol
  • Yes! I wish all black metal albums had that guitars that were produced like that
  • Abbath’s guitar tone on that album is ungodly. I never heard anything like it at the time. At the Heart of Winter is also a near-masterpiece but Sons will always be a favorite metal record of mine.
  • Yob leaked in 320
  • Ehhhhh still don’t wanna hear it til release tbh
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    @ManateeMaster you sure? I saw a 320 leak a few days ago, but the spectral analysis made me skeptical that it wasn't a transcode. I'm at work now, I'll look again when I get home.
  • Well that’s what the file says,but I’m not sure
  • I really liked the riffs in this EP, from 2016:

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    @toon_malk if you're still looking into metal, maybe this video might help with telling the different blast beats apart. Most of these are used in death metal, except the trve beat which is used often in black metal.

  • useful vid
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    I'm pretty sure the Dirk Blast is a reference to Dirk Verbeuren, former drummer for Soilwork, guest drummer for Devin Townsend, and I think he's Megadeth's drummer now
  • cool! thanks! i'm slowly dipping my toes into more and more metal, will check this all out at some point
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    @toon_malk if you want some flowery black metal that will make you lose the hair on your chest and reduce you tears to, check this out

  • ok i promise i'll stop bugging you with these recs now \m/
  • Happy Saturday! Here's some prog

  • Anyone hear new at the gates yet
  • Yeah, it’s better than the last one
  • Eh they're both kinda good, kinda meh
  • Yeah I’m not necessarily enthusiastic, I’ll get to it eventually tho.
  • When are we getting another Carcass? Wasn’t as crazy about Surgical Steel as a lot of other folks but I’d like to see some more from them.
  • Apparently they've been recording demos, hopefully we hear something soon
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    Remember that time Beavis and Butthead showed a Carcass video?

  • Of interest this week: new album from Split Cranium (Aaron Turner with members of Circle and Converge)

  • at the Primitive Man show tonite! \m/
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