• K finally made time to get to that Tomb Mold and man this is one of the most well written death metal albums I’ve heard in a good while
  • @Robby yeah! Tomb Mold are nailing it, especially now that their production has been cleaned up.
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    I totally missed the new Mizmor album.

    @ManateeMaster have you heard it yet? Is it as good as Yodh?
  • Wait what????
  • I know, right? It only has like 3 ratings on rym, so I think it slipped by a lot of other people too
  • Yodh was fucking awesome so glad to see they’re back
  • New Chthe'ilist also came out like 5 days ago! So much good stuff lately

  • Aaaaahahahahahhhhhhhhh
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    I didn’t even know Mizmor was releasing a new record. Holy shit I’ll check it out quick
  • Their album covers are so fucking awesome
  • Yodh was my favorite metal record of 2016.
  • @yama you made my fucking night
  • Neurosis is tomorrow night, it’s a metal kind of weekend. I need to check out Tomb Mold again, the first time I heard it i didn’t give it full attention
  • Imma mad poster
  • <3 mad poster manatee
  • So, it seems that Mishlei is a continuation of sorts from Yodh? Yodh’s track names all begin with I,II,III, and IV, Mishlei’s tracks begin starting with V,VI,VI, etc.
  • @ManateeMaster I think you're right.

    It's strange that Mishlei isn't listed on the Mizmor bandcamp.
  • I decided to do some research into Mizmor's names.


    The tenth letter of many Semitic alphabets/abjads (Phoenician, Aramaic, Hebrew, Syriac, Arabic and others).


    A tool used to read a torah. [1]

    Mizmor: psalm [2]

    Mishlei: proverbs [3]

    [1] [2] [3]
  • Damn, Gilead’s killing it this year. New Mizmor and Imperial Triumphant.
  • Besides Amazon and Spotify, is Mishlei available anywhere else?
  • Gilead are kind of botching this release if Metal Archives doesn't even have an entry for it. There's absolutely zero publicity for this thing.
  • jesus christ guys 15 new posts in this thread made me think something major happened nope just you dweebs again lol
  • @yama new Mizmor is on Apple Music as well.
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    @Robby New Mizmor is major! \m/
  • I thought the new Thou (full length) was coming out on Gilead too but nope, it’s being released on Sacred Bones of all labels, which is interesting. I don’t think they’re known for thier metal releases, lol. Good label tho
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    "Neckbeard Deathcamp" is my intro to Black Metal and it absolutely speaks!
    the lyrics are amazing.
    the power is amazing.

    *the yt video is a little on the edge for me and i'm not interested in started shit or being in it here - so here's just the bandcamp link
  • Jamming the new Thou EP. they made an Alice In Chains record and I’m really digging this. I’ve liked all the eps so far, can’t wait for the album next month
  • oh Rhea Sylvia is already out?
  • Leaked. It’s officially out tonight/tomorrow
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    Ohh I think I'll listen to that after I get through the new BTBAM. I kinda like this one!

    There's a track on their new album that sounds like Diablo Swing Orchestra, if only the vocals there were stronger...
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