• Rhea Sylvia pretty much rules
  • Pretty much a perfect soundtrack to my morning commute, if these are the castaways for the new album then I’m even more pumped for it
  • didn’t know the last track was a Crowbar cover, I should probably listen to this band more because this original version is awesome and really shows how influential they seemed to be for Thou

  • Crowbar is fucking awesome, you need to get on that ASAP
  • They really only do one thing, but they do it extremely well. Check out self titled, Broken Glass, Time Heals Nothing, Odd Fellows Rest, and Sonic Excess first.
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    This Ripped to Shreds album sounds like it could've been made by Dismember at a faster tempo. Apparently this is a one-man project, too.

  • I just found out about this. Mitochonrion's first album is only $1.37 on digital download for all of 2018.
  • If you guys haven't listened to Mitochondrion, they play some pretty amazing cavernous death metal

  • Mitochondrian is awesome
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    I've also been returning to that Spectral Voice LP from last year quite a bit. Some of the best death-doom I've ever heard, especially that last track. Holy shit, one of the best closers to an album ever AND YES THAT INCLUDES JANE DOE ROBBY
  • well darn
  • I did say one of the best, so Jane Doe can still be the best at the end of day

    ...because it probably still is
  • New Thou record is incredible. In The Kingdom of Meaning might be the best Thou song ever.
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    The before and after of Devin Townsend (from his Instagram)

  • Another new Pig Destroyer track came out but I don’t think I’m gonna listen to it. At this point I’m just hoping this album isn’t a complete fiasco
  • aaaaaaaaaaaand apparently the album leaked.
  • Waiting. Don’t really care for listening to leaks that much these days for whatever reason.
  • Yeah I kinda prefer waiting sometimes too. Sometimes I give in though
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    New Behemoth single!

  • Head Cage isn't really as bad as I feared - I'm able to have some fun with it, but it still doesn't quite feel like a Pig Destroyer album to me. Not a disaster, just a moderate disappointment.
  • I’m actually digging it the more I listen, you’re right though it def feels different.
  • I mean, they’re not really a grind band anymore. If anything, this sounds kinda like a hardcore record in places.
  • Terminal Itch is fucking awesome.
  • I'd like to listen again once I get ahold of the lyrics at least. JR's vocals never really blew me away here as they have in the past. I dunno, it's not terrible but Pig Destroyer feels kinda over the hill at this point, y'know?
  • Yeah I can see that. It’s not the best thing ever by any means
  • I never expected the best thing ever I was just hoping for better than Book Burner. This is probably the same quality level I'd say.
  • I’d have to revisit Book Burner.
  • Pitchfork gave it an 8.1, a really good score for a metal album. Higher then the new Thou, which is silly, but anyway. I have to say it has been steadily growing on me.
  • p4k wants u to kno they were there when it was good
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