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    so we all know metal isn't really a thing I dig,

    but I gave a curious listen to Imperial Triumphant - Vile Luxury, and it kinda knocked me out.
    Like it's so rhythmically complex and dizzying, and the mix is so pristine (well, maybe I should say it's not lo fi. It's clean in that I can hear everything) and the jazz interludes work so well.
    The guitars are so sour and almost cartoonishly warped, it just adds to this absurdity which I could actually vibe with.
    I found myself really getting into it, which was not expected at all.

    I dunno if I'll put it on the loved list, but this is definitely a better album for me as opposed to that Impetuous Ritual record from last year.
  • I gotta listen to the full thing but what I’ve heard so far is phenomenal
  • @TTK nice, glad you're finding more metal you enjoy!

    finally getting around to the new Thou, I hope it's a good album to start with them because I like it a lot.
  • Yeah it’s one of their best
  • The riff in the second half of Elimination Rhetoric sounds like a solo Devin Townsend track
  • Listen to Heathen after you finish Magus
  • This album is so good, one of the best bm records I've heard this year

  • Track 2 outro goes full opeth, good opeth, and I love it
  • New Sumac is really good!
  • Will certainly be hearing it when it drops tonight
  • I couldn't wait, listening to the 320 leak now.
  • A ridiculous amount of potentially awesome albums come out tomorrow — SUMAC, Iridescence, Tim Hecker, Tha Carter V (yes I have hope for this, especially after Dedication 6)
  • also had no clue Milo drops a new album too
  • Tim Hecker comes out on the 28th officially
  • Someone isolated the SYL Alien instrumentals \m/ We Ride is sssssssiiiiicccckkkkkkk

  • Alien is fucking awesome.
  • Best SYL record, FIGHT ME
  • Naw, no arguments here. City is pretty close though.
  • Agreed, City is fantastic.
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    (by that I mean I think Ziltoid The Omniscient is his 3rd best album)
  • I can’t get into Devin all that much outside of SYL, although Ocean Machine is pretty good.
  • Alien>City>Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing>SYL>The New Black
  • Oh wait, I forgot about ocean machine. Ziltoids fourth, ocean machine is third.

    I probably agree with that SYL ranking.
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    I've been jamming to this album a lot lately. The riffs here are insanely good, and their drummer (RIP Vitek) was FIFTEEN when they recorded this.

  • Fuck I had no idea there was a new Horrendous album out, it’s so good.
  • It’s a little proggier than their other albums but it could be their best. The vocals are phenomenal as always.
  • Is it an ok starting point
  • Start with Ecdysis, then I would go in chronological order.
  • The older ones are a bit heavier, but they get more complex with each record, nothing super difficult though. They’re badass.
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