• I mean, it’s not super interesting, but I like it. You think they do stuff like this to be like “ we can be raw and heavy, look at us”
  • @ManateeMaster agreed. Props to their drummer, though, those drum fills were smooth
  • FFO: Teitanblood, cavernous death metal opuses

  • This entire EP (it's basically album length) is really good cavernous death metal. Sounds like Teitanblood+Portal+Grave Miasma
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    I've been jamming to two different records a lot recently (well, one EP and one album).

    Suffocation - Despise the Sun
    Some of the most crushing material they've ever recorded, especially the first and last tracks.

    Decapitated - Organic Hallucinosis
    What do you get when a tech death band like Decapitated and Meshuggah have a bastard love child? This album, and it's a weird one. If you listen to the fourth track, Post (?) Organic, closely enough, it kind of sounds like a Polish death metal interpretation of New Millennium Cyanide Christ. The solo sounds like something Fredrik would improvise. The drums have a syncopated, poly-rhythmic feel to them while preserving the use of blast beets in way which still feels at home in the death metal millieu. The vocal delivery sound kind of like how Jens sounded during Chaosphere, and the lyrics are similarly nihilistically transhuman:

    I've seen the android god preaching
    Radiating his nuclear love
    I've seen the world around
    Bewitched in a pill of mescaline


    Disciples, come join with me
    To save a failed humanity
    Follow the God of cyanide
    Into the new eternity

    both sound and read like verses of the same song. The first excerpt is from Post (?) Organic, the second is from NMCC.

    This was also the last album Vitek was alive for. He died in a car accident the year after this album's release. Tomas Haake gave a quick written eulogy when he died, I think he respected his talent quite a bit, and rightly so! Vitek was 15(!!) when they recorded the first Decapitated record, and he sounds like a veteran drummer.

    I think Winds of Creation is still their best album overall, but this album is probably their most stylistically unique imo
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    Mashup of one of my favorite Dev solo albums (maybe my favorite? idk. ocean machine is also my favorite in different moods) and thomas the tank engine.
  • @yama always loved SYL, but never got into Devin’s solo and DTP stuff. That has changed thanks to you. The new album is fucking amazing. This guy is a musical genius and this record is so fantastic. I’m gonna go backwards through his discography after I’m done with this record.
  • Also, I guess the second disc of the Deluxe edition is demos of stuff that didn’t fit on the album. If this is the stuff he’s throwing away, good god.
  • Singularity is monstrous. It’s like prog-death metal-vaporwave. What even is this
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    @ManateeMaster Hell yeah, my friend!! I'm excited to hear your thoughts on it, if you feel like sharing. If you're going directly backwards, you might want to listen to Ziltoid the Omniscient before Z2, as they're concept albums. Not a huge deal if you don't hear it in order, though, ZtO might even be an interesting prequel after hearing Z2.

    Agreed about his demos. Epicloud (the penultimate Devin Townsend Project album) has a bonus disc, Epiclouder, that has some great tracks on there. Quietus is what immediately comes to mind as a standout track, especially compared to Epicloud itself which I felt was one of his weaker albums. Empath is a much stronger album.

    I think Devin's next album is going to be an orchestral album, I'm super stoked for that if it's anything like what we heard on Empath.
  • I don't see the vaporwave comparison on Singularity :( Which part sounds like vaporwave?
  • Just some of the synth parts. Has a new-age feel like some vapor wave
  • Also, two odd things I learned today was that DTP covered Ween’s Transdermal Celebration on Transcendence, and that Chad Kroger of Nickelback has a small vocal part on Hear Me from Empath. I tried to pick out his part, but I couldn’t. Tis a badass song tho
  • Interesting! I've never heard Ween, I like that song though, and I can hear the same harmonics in Ween as a lot of Devin's songs.

    The Nickelback guest vocal REALLY surprises me.
  • On Epicloud now, and it’s definitiely in the pop metal realm of Z2: Sky Blue. Pretty good but boy I can see how SYL fans or fans of Devin’s heavier stuff would be turned off by this. I haven’t really disliked anything I’ve heard so far, but I liked Dark Matters the least. Maybe it’s better if you hear Ziltoid first. I didn’t really like the narration.
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    Also, Casualties of Cool was really fucking good, but also not what I was expecting going into it.
  • YES CoC is amazing. The guest vocalist, Ché Aimee Dorval, is also on Empath, and I fucking love her voice.

    Agree on Z2 and Epicloud. I think the Addicted! album pulled off the pop metal sound best. The guitar production there sounds more like SYL.
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    Fun fact: The song Kingdom, on Epicloud, is a re-recording of a song that was originally on a different solo album, Physicist. Physicist is kind of bad, but that's mostly because the production is really bad. A lot of the ideas on it are pretty cool, but I don't find it enjoyable to listen to.
  • Epicloud definitely has it’s cheesy moments tho
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    I don’t mind all that much, I can see what he was going for
  • I love Devin's goofy sense of humor.
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    Deconstruction is soooooo goofy and off the wall. One of the tracks is named The Might Masturbator, making fun of long and overindulging prog metal, which is itself 16 minutes long.
  • On Ghost now. Mellow and New Age-y but better than Epicloud so far.
  • Liking the new Periphery, probably their best to date

  • Damn boy did you somehow travel back in time to 2011?
  • Yes! Except now they're marginally better at writing actual songs instead of guitar wank sessions!
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    John Longstreth is such a monster on drums, one of my favorites ever. Super impressed by how tight yet subtle he's able to play live.

    He plays with Origin, and he was also the drummer on Colored Sands.

  • Some shredding from the new Haiduk album ‘Exomancer’

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