• I don’t know if this is your band, if so, read the rules. But... I listened to it and I’m into it, this shit rips
  • sick riffs, i'll check out the full length
  • Speaking of riffs, this band is a transitional fossil between thrash and death. And holy hell is it FAST. Origin eat your heart out.

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    Don't get me wrong, I love me some speed-wank Sonic the Hedgehog metal, and Origin are one of the best bands in the game
  • Yeah that was cool. Never heard them before
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    just...uh...pretend the vocals are good
  • The vocals are interesting, not sure how I feel about that aspect. It’s pretty awesome though
  • new Deathspell Omega album out 5/24

    seems way more accessible to me than their other stuff but still relatively excited
  • Agreed, it sounds more restrained and calculated, but I'm still really excited. I loved Molten Bones.
  • new Tomb Mold!

  • new Full of Hell gives me hope for the new album!

  • I haven't listened to any of the singles yet and tbh I think I'm gonna go into this raw. It's only 25 minutes so I don't wanna spoil too much.

    speaking of which I bought my ticket for the Full of Hell / Primitive Man show next month \m/
  • It leaked. Might give it a go later today
  • If y’all haven’t heard this shit yet, I highly recommend you get on it ASAP

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    @ManateeMaster you're consistently coming through with some amazing finds, and this is no exception!

    i loved that track, i'll check out the album soon
  • this album is incredible. We’ve Been Here Before, Cellar, and Old Friend were my favorite tracks. definitely my metal aoty so far!
  • new Full of Hell is very satisfying
  • @Robby agreed! On first listen, I think it's better than Trumpeting Ecstasy
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    @yama it’s fucking amazing. I think this is the first full length Warforged album
  • Also very much digging the new Full of Hell. Much better than Trumpeting Ecstasy
  • I still like the first half of TE, but this is much more consistent and noisey
  • yeah Trumpeting Ecstasy had some great tracks like "The Cosmic Vein" and "Crawling Back to God" but this is definitely more consistent, and feels more in line with the forward thinking nature of the Merzbow collab
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    @ManateeMaster is it just me, or do Warforged have some middle-period Opeth influence? The flutes in Cellar, for example, remind me of something from Watershed.
  • Thanks @ManateeMaster, @yama, yes it's my work. Glad you liked the riffing.
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    @hexx Awesome work!! Please post more here so you aren't breaking the rules :(

    What albums have you liked recently?
  • New Disentomb!

  • Man can I just say how incredible this new Esoctrilihum record is. I can’t imagine he can continue to put stuff out this good, this frequently, forever. Probably his best so far.
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